Friday, September 28, 2012

That's All Folks

I have come to terms with the release of my blog. I would like to wish my blog the best in its future endeavors.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tammy Sytch-Coming Clean

RF VIDEO just conducted a interview like no other one before. This was the most emotional interview we have ever conducted. This was more or less sort of a intervention with Tammy Sytch. We were supposed to go on the road with her this weekend but since we are being honest Tammy had some of her past demons come back to haunt her. The time was now to get her to face these demons and open up about what is going on with her emotionally that drives her to do what she does. She does not do pills or anything like that, right now her drug of choice is alcohol. She came to us with her current BF to do this and we did not exploit her. We asked her a few times on this tape if she felt like we were and she made it clear that she wanted to do this from the bottom of her heart. Tammy opened up about what has been going on in her personal life over the last few months and how this weekend it reached the breaking point when she ended up in the ER on Friday night. She is going to check herself into rehab in 24 hours but felt obligated to sit in front of the camera and let everyone know what has been going on. We talked to her about her recent behavior and how at times it cost her to miss events. We also dove into her past and addressed all the rumors that were out there with her and Sabu, Hack Myers and somas....there was NOTHING left out of this intervention interview....You will NEVER see another interview like this one as Tammy broke down and several times looked right at the camera and told us she was coming clean for the first time ever about all of her past history and current problems...We will take a hard look into her mind as she gives us her history with drugs and alcohol and talks about her issues with depression. How the passing of Chris plays into this and her family life.....This felt like a therapy session to be honest with you. You will hear alot of real personal information during this interview that nobody else has ever done with our company. We felt privileged that since we have had almost a 22 year relationship in some form with her that she trusted RFVIDEO to do this with

On the light side we did spend over 40 minutes talking about wrestling but this was about Tammy not Sunny the personality or character that she plays...When we talked wrestling we talked about not doing Playboy, rumors of her and Bret Hart get laid to rest, New Jack and her ex BF rumors, Doing Mania in 2009 and being inducted into the HOF in 2011. I dont think any other interview we have done will touch you like this one has....We are going to try to release this as quick as possible. We all are helping that Tammy can get the support and help that she needs, as she really wants to get her life back on track and start a family with her current BF who is a hell of a guy.......Keep your eyes out for this new DVD...Tammy Sytch Coming Clean

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

No Music Please

Its been a while,

I like wrestling theme songs as much as the next guy, but aren't you tired of wrestlers coming to the ring to promo to their generic theme songs? It would be more natural if talent interrupted other talent while they were talking without music. But not every week, either. Themes should be used as the superstars are walking to the ring for their match.

But then again what do I know....

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

STEEN vs. PIERCE Make It Happen

Be careful what you tweet you never know who is reading it.

Kevin Steen faces the same 2 or 3 guys that ROH has to offer, when there is a match that literally builds itself up. I'm not talking about some indie-riffic spotfest that smarks can drool over. I'm talking about a match that could generate a great buzz, and get people talking about WRESTLING!