Thursday, September 23, 2010

Interview With Absolute Intense Wrestling's Chandler Biggins


I want to thank Chandler Biggins for taking time out to do this.

1. When did you discover pro wrestling?
My father and grandfather both were fans of wrestling. I remember watching Wrestlemania 2 and other PPVs with my father and his work friends. I remember renting Coliseum Videos every week. My dad took me to my first show at Survivor Series 1988. My first indy show was in 1993 with Ronnie Garvin, Junkyard Dog and A wrestling Mummy. I've watched it my entire life, with only two pauses. When Jake The Snake had the cobra bite Macho Man and when Earthquake killed Damien. Besides those two brief pauses, it's been my life.

1a. What were your favorite prmotions to watch as a fan?
Of course WWE was the number one. Other than that, I tried to catch NWA/WCW when I'd get the chance. Around 1995, I found ECW, SMW, USWA and others. Once I found stuff like that, that I already knew from Magazines, I was in heaven.

1b. Did you ever have a favorite wrestler?
I had a wide range as a kid, everybody from Hogan to Rude to Jake The Snake. As I got older, I loved guys like The Sandman and PG13. Now I don't have one favorite. I enjoy almost everybody's work.

2. How did you get your start in the business?
In 1998 or so, I did a few shows as a manager in Pittsburgh with Shirley Doe. He taught me all the basics of wrestling like locker room etiquette and such. I knew Nick Belushi and John Thorne and in 2005, they brought me onto AIW. Since then, I've worked my way up and now am the co-owner of the company. Our success speaks for it's self.

3. What made you want to promote your own shows?
We run because we feel that we are providing different shows than most Indies in Cleveland and most other areas. Plus with it's being your own show, you get to call the shots and your vision is the one being presented, not somebody else's.

4. How easy/difficult is it to set up a show?
There are both easy and hard aspects to running shows. Luckily we're pretty easy to run physically, we have all our own equipment and a great crew that sets up and tears down at venues. Mentally, it's a lot harder. When your main event cancels 24 hours before a event, or you are worried about a draw, it's hard. But you just have to take a deep breath and work it out.

5. What do you look for in a wrestler if you want them to wrestle for your company?
You can be the best worker in the world, but it takes a lot more to make money. Everybody on our roster is there for a reason. People have to fit the role we need them too.

6. For the uninitiated-how can a casual fan recognize a "fly by night" indy fed from a professional outfit?
I mean for example, longevity. We've run top level shows for years, we don't cancel shows, when somebody advertised can't appear, we find replacements. It's in the name of good business. You find a lot of "fly by night" companies that promote names and such and don't deliver. You can usually research a company and find out if it's worth it to buy tickets or DVDs.

7. Describe AIW for someone who hasn't watched a single show?
We try and have something for everybody. In a typical show, there's highflying, comedy, hardcore, strong style, etc. People have compared us to the old ECW, where there's more variety than a normal straight forward indy fed.

8. Your biggest name just advised you that he got a developmental offer from one of the major promotions in the US how do you fill in the gap?
We run AIW under the guise, like ECW did, that AIW is more important than one single person. A lot of guys and girls have come and gone from AIW over the years, and little effects us long term. The name and mission of AIW doesn't change if the cast of wrestlers change. If somebody like our Absolute Champ, Johnny Gargano informed us of this, I would wish him well and move on with AIW.

9. Does your talents have any input in their characters/story lines?
Of course. Either we come up with something or they do, and the other helps work out the details. Some of the guys on our roster have amazing business minds, so it would be stupid not to listen to them.

10. Are the indies anything like the old territories in your opinion?
Not at all. I see pro and cons to the old territories. The simple fact is that the money that once existed in pro wrestling doesn't anymore and it's sad.

11. Will the indies ever die?
No, because no matter what, people will always have the dream and somebody will be there to fulfill it. If it hasn't died yet, it won't ever.

12. Any upcoming shows you'd like to plug?
11/26/2010, we return to Lakewood, Ohio with HELL ON EARTH 6. Check out for more info. Also check out:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Moxley vs Jacobs-You Know Who I Am Rooting For

Is this a promo? Is this blogger for real? You decide.
I like Jon Moxley. See unlike other "wrestlers", Moxley doesn't just move on to the next thing if he gets bored. No he sees things through. Its not just another DGUSA show for Jon Moxley, its not just another "spot show" for Jon Moxley. Now let's take everyone's favorite "EMO" wrestler Jimmy Jacobs. See I have a problem with Jacobs, I don't like him. He is a pint sized, megalomaniac  He can't see what's waiting for him. I use to encounter allot of spoiled little rich kids myself. They had expensive cars, the best clothes, the best of everything. I use to get made fun of by these idiots, and they wouldn't just leave me be. Well one day, one of them went a little too far. I just lost it and started pummeling one of them, I enjoyed it. I ruined this kid's expensive clothes, I got detention for a week, but I did not care. Now I am trapped in a different kind of  "private hell", and the only thing that will make this "private hell" more tolerable is to know that Jon Moxley wiped the floor with Jimmy Jacobs.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Greatest Misses-Ramblings from another page....

Remember I am not a booker-I only pretend to play one on the internet. I write this stuff for my own amusement. Comments and criticisms welcome.

When one door closes another door opens.
Tyler Black is leaving for the WWE.
Ring of Honor needs to shake things up a bit.

Tyler should drop the belt in controversial fashion-the belt needs to be held up and a tourney announced
Tyler needs to have as much heat on the way out as he did getting to the belt. Tyler needs to leave "a champion".

Cornette should adress the situation in the following manner
"Tyler Black since you are leaving to become a sports entertainer, what we are going to do is have a tourney to crown the next ROH champion, your antics are NOT what ROH is about. ROH is about wrestling, what you did reeks of sports entertainment

What Tyler Black did-I don't know if he should just act like a complete dick in his last match, or if he should have the match of his life, and THEN in his goodbye speech act like a complete asshole, and CLOWN the new champ. I'm stuck here folks.

Anyhow the tourney is announced, but its not just the cream of the ROH crop. Cornette sends an "open invite" to any independant wrestler out there. Of course at the end its an ROH guy who wins the belt, but he will win it against one of the "open invites" and Cornette will offer the runner up an ROH contract.

But then again what do I know.......

Dixie Carter has posted on her FB page:
"Dreamer & I just met with RVD. With Jerry Lynn out with a serious back injury, RVD to decide on his main event opponent & get back to us soon. Any names you want me to share with him you want to see?"

So like a mark I posted the following ideas.

"Dixie-since RVD was the LONGEST reigning ECW World TV champion why NOT have him vs AJ Stlyles title for title..........if RVD wins he turns the TV title into the EXTREME television championship, if RVD loses AJ Styles is your new TNA world champion and EV 2.0 is never heard from again. Can I have a job in your booking comittee?"

"Idea #2-didn't like that one? How about having a battle royal, all the EV 2.0 stars and a few TNA YOUNG guys for good measure. Winner faces RVD for the belt. May I please have a job in your booking commitee?"

What would you do?

What I am afraid of is that Shane Douglas will challenge RVD WIN the belt and then challenge Ric Flair? Or a bag of weed "on a pole" match......

8/3/2010-EVOLVE 3 Commentary
Opening-Kyle O'Reilly, Jimmy Jacobs and Brad Allen-each talk about what its gonna be like to be 3-0. Relax and be yourselves is all I have to say about that one. Another reviewer said that some of these guys don't get enough "face time" in other feds. Hopefully that will change here.

Chuck Taylor's annoyance with the EVOLVE front office continues....and he continues to get under my skin.

Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli are seen talking about their matches, in comes Bobby Fish. Pleasentries are exchanged, a veiled insult here and there. Good stuff...

1st match-Sami Calahan vs. Adam Cole-great opener. Calihan is like a pitbul in there, take no prisoners, he was all over Cole, but Cole showed allot of guts in that match.

2nd match-Johnny Gargano vs Ricochet-I call Gargaono "The Clown Prince" of Evolve. He can talk, make you laugh, and he can go in that ring. Ricochet is the high flyer and the risk taker. When you see this match you'll know why he fits that bill. Post match interview. Gargano cut a great promo. Of course Jimmy Jacobs walks out and starts verbally berating Gargano. The feud is not over, not by a long shot. Oh yeah Seth Davis is back-is no one going to slap him yet?

Cut to the back-Jon Moxley feels like he had to study for an exam. Too many rules to follow in Evolve? Take my 125 question final PAL! Psycho shooter vs Psycho up soon....

3rd Match Mercedes Martinez vs Brittney Savage-hopefully this match will go just like Mercedes' other two matches in EVOLVE have.....Mercedes lays down the challenge to Amazing Kong after the match is over.

4th match-Aeroform vs. Up In Smoke vs. Team Beyond-this was a unique match. One of these teams' records was not affected. Team Beyond seemed a bit lost in the shuffle b/ween Up In Smoke and Aeroform. One question where are the Dark City Fight Club?

Cut to the back Chris Dickinson and Kyle O'Reily are seen training and talking about their matches....

5th Match-Drake Younger vs. Jon Moxley-Tell a story in that ring, and leave em wanting more....job well done to both competitors. Who won? Who lost? Get the DVD and watch the match. There was a sick release german suplex by Moxley, when Drake hit the floor, Moxley smiled.........soak that in for a minute. A human being took great pleasure at inflicting pain on another human being.

6th Match-Chris Hero vs Bobby Fish. Everyone knows about Bobby's struggle. How many roaring elbows does it take to put Fish down? I lost count. I thought Hero vs Hidaka was something, this matched TOPPED IT!

7th Match-Brodie Lee vs. Chris Dickinson vs. Gran Akuma vs. Hallowicked-Ok did you get all of that? This was like watching 2 matches happen at one time. Two of the participants were gonna overshadow the other two, its bound to happen. Once again the only people whose records were effected were 2 out of the 4 participants. Gonna offer a bit of constructive ciriticism here. These 4 ways should be contested under "Rumble Rules". Chris Dickinson needs anger management-he gets so worked up and it gets the better of him.

8th Match-TJP vs Kyle O'Reilly-IMO a bit of a mismatch. Would of loved to have seen TJP vs Gran Akuma or Hallowicked. If TJP ever comes back to EVOLVE hopefully we will. O'Reilly seemed a bit lost without his trainer Kozina in his corner.

9th Match-Brad Allen vs. Jimmy Jacobs-Chris Hero accused Allen of trying to steal his "spotlight" earlier in the card. Allen doesn't need someone else's spotlight. He has his own. Gargano followed by Davis and whoever else is tagging along with him, came out to distract Jacobs. Didn't work. Still no one has slapped the taste out of Seth Davis' mouth.

THE MAIN EVENT-Claudio Castagnoli vs Chuck Taylor. You know what happened, I know what happened. Now Taylor's ego is about 3 sizes too large for his head. I have faith someone will take Taylor and slap some humility into him.....until then I (and you) just have to keep watching, don't we?

If anyone doubts Claudio they need to have their head examined. This man SHONE in that ring, but somehow Chuck Taylor pulled a "Hail Mary" out of no where.

PS. One thing I forgot about earlier. Fish is seen in the locker room calling someone. They want him to quit and come home. He can't, he won't. Mark my words, if an Evolve title is created-Bobby Fish will be the first EVOLVE champion.

Open Letter To TNA:

On 8/8/10, the corpse of ECW will be exhumed for "One Last Stand"-instead of grasping at straws, why don't you put a new twist on this.

Invite Tod Gordon-to lead a bunch of young talent against the "Extreme Originals" accuse them of "forgetting" what "hardcore is all about". The general for Gordon's army shoulld be the man who has done more for ECW than anyone-Terry Funk!

Am I a "wrestler"-NO
Am I a "company guy")-NO
Am I a fan of wrestling-YES!

I saw Chuck Taylor's promo for EVOLVE 4-Danielson vs. Fish 7/23 @ The Ace Arena in Union City, NJ. that little bastard did it again. He got under my skin. His ego is inflated to such a point that its sickening. He is skipping rocks in a lake. That is his training regimen against Jimmy Jacobs. I don't like Jimmy Jacobs either (sorry Jimmy emo is not my cup of tea-listen to some death metal once in a while). Take your match seriously Chuck Taylor. The thought of you becoming Evolve's first champion scares me. Not because you're big and you're bad, but because you're good and you know it. This may seem like a day at the office to you, but to me its scary. If you beat Jacobs and continue to plow through whoever they put in front of you, your ego will balloon to Hindeburg size. Remember what happened to the Hindeburg?

Once again 7/23/2010 Ace Arena Union City, NJ

EVOLVE 4 PICKEM (again) 7/192010
Now that the complete EVOLVE card is out let's see some picks. The gang at will need to re-enter their picks via way back machine, but everyone else who hasn't seen my blog posts (for shame) can pick as a reply to this post. Just pick em-you don't need to be well versed in wrestling knowledge I just want to see how many people get it right. (Or wrong!) Remember all the fun can be had at

The complete card for "EVOLVE 4: Danielson vs. Fish" has been announced. It is set for this Friday, July 23rd, at the Ace Arena in Union City, NJ, right outside Manhattan.

The building is close to the Lincoln Tunnel. There is public transportation from both New York City and all over New Jersey. Go to the Live Cards page for all the details. You can still purchase advance tickets at or by calling 267-519-9744. We will have tickets available at the door, but we recommend buying in advance. This is a small, intimate venue so even general admission tickets are up close to the ring. In fact, they are either in bleachers, which are right next to the ring, or in the 3rd row.

Here is a no frills look at the complete lineup:

The Main Event
Bryan Danielson (0-0) vs. Bobby Fish (0-3)-I didn't pick anyone before, but I'm going with FISH. Remember bring lots of TIES to the event.

Chasing The Leader
Jimmy Jacobs (3-0) vs. Chuck Taylor (2-0)-Against my better judgement I pick Chuck Taylor.

Tag Team Action
Up In Smoke (1-0) vs. The Osirian Portal (0-0)-I pick the Osirian Portal

JUST ANNOUNCED - More Tag Team Action
Jigsaw & Hallowicked (1-0) vs. Aeroform (1-2)-Jigsaw/Hallowicked for the win

International Challenge
Drake Younger (1-0) vs. Akira Tozawa (0-0)-I pick Drake Younger

Special Attraction Match
Johnny Gargano (2-1) vs. Adam Cole (0-1)-I pick the Clown Prince of EVOLVE Johnny Gargano

Heavyweight Battle
Brodie Lee (1-1) vs. Jon Moxley (0-1)-I pick Moxley

.500 Fight (One Man Fights To Get To .500 While The Other Fights To Avoid It)
Sami Callihan (1-0) vs. Arik Cannon (0-1)-I pick Sami Callihan

JUST ANNOUNCED - Four-Way Match - One Win On The Line
Ricochet (1-2) vs. Super Sheng Long (0-0) vs. Rich Swann (0-0) vs. Chris Dickinson (0-3)-I pick Ricochet

WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez has an open contract!!!-who cares who she fights just as long as I can see her beat people like they owe her money!

Witness wrestling's newest brand for yourself when Bryan Danielson finally makes his EVOLVE debut this Friday. Go to the "Read" section of for more details and check the News Ticker at the bottom of for all the latest news.

Thanks to for allowing me to crib their note! Remember you lucky people that live within spitting distance. You wanna see some great wrestling go see this card. If you can't see it buy the DVD!
We all know what a "fight without honor" means.

We all know what EVOLVE wrestling stands for-and if you don't you should so go to

Okay thanks for coming back to read the rest of this.

EVOLVE is all about wins and losses and sportsmanship above all else,
but what if there was a match that was the exact opposite of that.

Devolution is defined as:

1. delegating of responsibilities: the delegation of responsibilities
from a superior to a subordinate, deputy, or substitute
2. delegation of power: the transfer of power from a central
to a subordinate level or organization, particularly
from a central government to regional or local governments
3. inheritance of privileges: the transfer or inheritance of authority,
rights, or property, e.g. from a monarch to his or her successors
4. biology
Same as degeneration (sense 3)

So the theme is "breaking down" if you will

The De-Evolution match would be the exact opposite of what EVOLVE is all about
It shouldn't be over done because it will lose its specialness.
Once in a great while just to shake things up.

For example if Jon Moxley brings in the rest of Kamikaze USA (buy the shiirt over at and just wants to f*** with people-do it. If someone just snaps during a regular match and starts using a chair as a weapon-the announcers could say that this match has officially DE-EVOLVED!

You could have all the classic elements of "hard core" and a
flagrant disregard for the rules. DQ's, "ref bumps", non-finishes, and god forbid
"Dusty Finishes", everyone's favorite "screwjob" finishes.

But who will take up the mantle of "De-Evolution". Will it be a "heel" or a "face"
Will a tag team or "faction" come into EVOLVE preaching the mantra of "DE-EVOLUTION"

Oh yeah I am still waiting on "The Battle of the Beards" Knox vs Brody Lee vs Grizzly Redwood vs Necrobutcher.....that's it for now.

5/27/2010-MIXED BAG
1. Dreamer vs. Kingston-Robbed of a dream
Last Sunday Eddie Kingston was supposed to wrestle none other than Tommy Dreamer. The match did not happen due to outside interference from the BDK. This is the feud that is going to hook me (and hook you) into CHIKARA. I am not a fan of these types of “outcomes”, but when done right they serve as a hook.
I want to see the match eventually and we may get it anyway, but for now Kingston and Dreamer are going to take on the BDK @ The ECW Arena.

Could you imagine Kingston turning on Dreamer and joining the BDK?

Could you imagine the BLK OUT making a surprise appearance in LUCHA Masks no less to take on the BDK?

But I digress, it should be a hell of a tag match and I wish I could be there.

2. Johnny Gargano Signs WWE Developmental Deal?
Yesterday the whole wrestling world was “buzzing” about Johnny Gargano signing a contract. Immediately the internet wrestling community was congratulating him on getting picked up by the WWE. He played a bit part of a security gurard in their show “NXT”. Turns out the story was “bait”, and it was swallowed hook, line, and sinker by the IWC. Great way to “work” the net!

Now what if Gargano did sign with the “E”? I would of liked to have seen him in FCW (their developmental fed) make a stable of his own called “The Independants” he would bring in guys that he knows for “per appearance deals”. If the crowd likes them they stay if not they go back where they came from.

Also he could do his “Power Hour” segments on a more polished level!

3. No Evolve Show-until 9/11-real bummer for me as I am anxiously awaiting them to unveil their new concept-which you can find out about by going to No problem I can probably get into some DGUSA goodness until them. Maybe Gabe and crew can do a “hype” video using the Finger Eleven song “One Thing”

Instigate It:

I would have Brody Lee go on a squash fest just feed him guys left right and side ways, parade him all through out the indy circuit get him some serious heat as well as a swelled head.

Have promoters of all indy feds get together and complain that Brody is hurting their business' making their talent look like shit-and then enter Mike Knox (the build up needs to be at least the length of time of Knox's no compete clause)

Brody Lee proclaims him self the best big man in the indies-the heir apparent to the legacy of Bruiser Brody getting him MASSIVE HEEL HEAT!!

Knox goes on a rampage of his own-and it all culminates at DGUSA or CHIKARA or any of the promotions they are intertwined with

Have a match with 2 out of 3 falls and make the last fall HAIR vs BEARD!

I. have to watch the main of Evolve 2 again to make sure I didn't miss anything! Hero and Hidaka leave it all in the ring. You know how when some "superstars" use head locks to either rest up or incite the crowd to chant "boring". You know how in MMA the fighters tie themselves into knots and take FOREVER to get back on their feet. After the fast paced 4 team elimination tag from CHIKARA Hero and Hidaka delivered a big fight atmosphere that has long been dormant in wrestling.

And most of the time it was all about the ground game! This match had INTENSITY written all over it!

So many near falls! If you watch the DVD you'll know who came out on top, but neither man was made to look like a scrub! Great stuff.

I just logged off the website. I clicked on the middle icon! It says that Hero will return on 5/1. Will Brad Allen get his shot at Hero? Will Chris Dickinson do ME a sold and smack the fat blonde guy with the TAP OUT cap. Can Brody Lee tap into his inner Bruiser Brody and become an unstoppable MONSTER! Will more tag teams like UP IN SMOKE and AEROFORM heed the call to EVOLVE? Will Ken Doanne return? What will CHIKARA bring to the table? How will new arrivals like Sami Callahan and Jon Moxley fare in EVOLVE?

How can you find out? Be there on 5/1 or if you cannot be there (I live in FLA dammit!) get the DVD!

II. These are some of the things that are going through my mind as I watch EVOLVE 2 on DVD.

4 Team Tag ELIMINATION Match @ EVOLVE 2 DVD=Fast Paced, High Flying! If you blink! You miss!

Castagnoli vs Fish=Great Display by both men!

Bobby Fish you held your own out there-keep going it will make the victory that much sweeter!

To Chuck Taylor. If you want me to dislike you, you have succeeded! On 5/1 you will go up against 1/2 of the "Kings" and if you are successful in your challenge against Double C my dislike for you will be come DISDAIN. Like you care

Gargano vs Jacobs-Travesty! Why did Jacobs win? Where was Kenn Doane to cost Jacobs the victory to get even for Evolve 1. Will Gargano move onto new challenges or will he keep going after Jacobs?

Martinez vs Sakai-we went from a beatdown @ Evolve 1 to Martinez being taken to the limit by her opponent, and she still wants MORE? F*** the Divas! F*** the TNA Knockouts! Get Kong to challenge Martinez

To the fat guy wearing the Tap Out Hat-you are annoying and need to be taught some respect!

In all seriousness despite the bad weather which caused the highways to be shut down the whole EVOLVE crew derserves a round of thanks for putting on a hell of a show! Get the DVD you will not regret it.

More rapid fire observations to come! I gotta soak it all in!

Definition: An old carny word for "fake"…..the act of keeping outsiders from knowing the inner secrets of the wrestling business. The practice of kayfabe is not very relevant today as it was in prior eras.

For someone who was influenced by late 90's wrestling....perhaps in a bad way! I really miss the days when wrestling was perceived as being "real". I remember attending a house show at my local HS and being scared out of my wits by the Wild Samoans Afa and Sika (I was only 10)!
As a ten yr old kid-I went to this card in my local HS. While the matches were going on a side door kept opening and closing as the wrestlers were coming in and out. I remember a man with a goatee reading a news paper. I remember the same man a short time later scaring me half to death by acting like a savage-that man’s name was Afa the Wild Samoan.
I knew the wrestling was “faked”. I still didn’t care! I was watching Ric Flair stylin’ and profilin’, I was watching Magnum T.A. and Dusty Rhodes. These guys were “larger” than life! Could you imagine Magnum TA actually getting in the middle of the ring and going off script? I never could. Nor did I want to.
The “shork” as I like to call it-was big in the 90’s Get guys to go off script expose the business, and one another in the middle of the ring. Pretend it’s a “shoot” instead of a “work”. Say off the cuff remarks that only some “smark” (smart mark) in the audience would get. This is why MMA is big. MMA doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is. They make you care about the fighters….when is the last time the “corporate” wrestling organizations made me care about a wrestler. Promoted a wrestler as a “fighting champion” or an up and coming contender for a title?
Some would say look at someone like Daniel Bryan he came from the indies? Bryan had the indy “cred” already. Promote him as a wrestling machine, a true fighter! Which is what I think the WWE will do if they are smart.
The “American Dragon” needs to shine on the big stage.-and he will. One wrestler who has been totally mishandled is “Samoa Joe”. Get the fucking face paint off Joe and make him the monster he was. The guy that took CM Punk to the limit.
The fact that even I the ADD booker, know some inside terms makes me feel sick to my stomach. I want to care about these guys again. I want to see a big fight atmosphere……who’s gonna give that to me?

1st post ever-3/18/2010
I have been accused of having a disease known to wrestling smarks as armchairbookeritis. Its real easy to armchair quarterback after the fact-but I cannot help it. I contracted the disease in the late 90's when a little messageboard called established the its own fantasy booking league. My particular strain had an unhealthy dose of Crash TV, but treatments in logic and continuity have taken those levels down. Starting with this note I will armchair book again but this time I will try not to be so outlandish!

Character Development
Instead of giving people outlandish gimmicks (Pirate, Psycho Dentist, Road Raged Bus Driver) why don’t the brain trusts that book the wrestling just talk to their wrestlers and have them tell them about themselves. Something’s gotta stick out, UNLESS you’re boring which brings me to the below point.

5ft Spotmonkey
I hate the term “spot monkey” its demeaning. If you got a guy or girl that can go in the ring but can’t cut a promo……get them a mouth piece…….what’s Jim Mitchell doing these days? What about Arn Anderson? If these “Legends” want to stay in the spotlight, why not take someone under their wing!


Friday, September 17, 2010

EVOLVE-Announces talent for 11/20/2010 show


EVOLVE WRESTLING has already started to hype their 6th event. 
11/20/2010 @ ACE ARENA Union City, NJ
They have already listed a few names for the event

Based on this line up. The fantasy booker in me would like to see the following matches
Homicide vs. Drake Younger 
Rich Swann vs Ricochet 
Jimmy Jacobs vs Bobby Fish-I originally wanted to see Bobby Fish vs "187" but if they are not going to pull the trigger on Bobby Fish, best to keep him for another time.
Jon Moxley vs Adam Cole 
Sami Callihan vs Kyle O'Reilly
Depending on who they announce down the pike, I may change this around some 

What do you guys think?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Piracy of Indy DVD's

"We need your help fighting piracy. The money we lose would only be spent on making DGUSA and EVOLVE better for you. Go to and and check out the new Piracy sections for info."

It was bound to happen $20 a pop for a DVD for multiple promotions doesn't fly for some people. As someone who has been trading live concert tapes for over 20 years, I can see where the indies are crying foul. Last night Jerry Jarrett announced (on FALSE COUNT RADIO) a portal project where companies of any type can post content. I'm all for that. I am also for promotions that allow taping of shows by fans for trade with other fans, they could even submit footage to the company for inclusion in their DVD's

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mixed Bag Post

Congratulations to Roderick Strong for capturing the ROH world title. Now the hard work begins. On the latest edition of ROH Video Wire. Christopher Daniels laid down the challenge, it makes me wonder how TNA could miss the boat on Daniels. It makes me wonder how TNA is still going, by pushing people way past their expiration date, and by promising that each week "Will change the face of TNA". We are still waiting for that to happen btw, I look forward to the Roderick Strong era of ROH, I hope he takes on all comers, and is given a substantial title reign.

On their face book page Jersey All Pro Wrestling asks the following question: "Wrestling Fans, would you like,  to see JAPW run a afternoon event as a double-header with CZW at the ECW Arena in South Philly? JAPW Bell 4pm CZW Bell 8pm?" I would be in favor of it because we all know what happened last time CZW ran a double header with another wrestling company. Maybe its just a double header, maybe I am making too much out of this, but wouldn't it be awesome if Jon Moxley "invaded" JAPW. Yeah, yeah 'its been done before', but CZW never got its "heat" back after Death Before Dishonor IV.

Monday, September 13, 2010

By Any Other Name..........

It doesn't matter if he is billed as Bryan Danielson, Daniel Bryan or "Truckstop" Dan. The wrestler formerly known as Bryan Danielson has been using his "marquee value" to draw attention to the indies, as he said he would. He has defeating opponent, after opponent. On 9/26/10 Jon Moxley will challenge BRYAN. I sincerely hope that Moxley wins this match. BRYAN has beat Sawa, Fish, Kingston, Donst, Younger, and anyone any promoter has put in front of him. He hasn't squashed anyone, or made them look like scrubs. Maybe the WWE is trying to protect its investment, and if the only way the indies can have BRYAN is for him to win every match, but make the opponents look like $1ml bucks, so be it. Still would like to see Mox win tho.......

Sunday, September 12, 2010

RIP Mike Shaw


Mike Shaw (aka "Bastion Booger") died of a heart attack @ age 53. In an era where most "wrestlers" would cringe at some of the gimmicks this guy had, the mark of a true professional is taking what ever gimmick he/she is given and running with it. The Bastion Booger gimmick was truly nauseating....but I think it was Dusty Rhodes who said: "....put me in a diaper and I'll still get over!"


Bryan Danielson defeated Munenori Sawa-Bryan went over Sawa on his last indy match.....not what I'd like to have seen happen, but at least Danielson's marquee value is used well.

Ricochet defeated Kyle O'Reilley-I had picked Ricochet to win this.

...Mercedes Martinez defeated Amazing Kong (via DQ-I had predicted a double DQ. We had a double DQ last month with Lee/Moxley. Still would have liked to see a decisive win by Mercedes because she's been built up since EVOLVE 1

Johnny Gargano defeated Brad Allen, Jon Moxley, Rich Swann, Gran Akuma, by pinning Frightmare-good now maybe Gargano can get back on track and start racking up wins again

Drake Younger defeated Sami Callihan-I'm happy this match took place and judging by the two pics that took it was a hell of a match. Callihan didn't get the elusive "3", but judging by what awaits him (Homicide) he's gonna need some down time to prepare for the "Notorious" 187.

Jimmy Jacobs defeated Adam Cole-hopefully Cole wasn't made to look like "enhancement" talent in this match. I don't get Jimmy Jacobs' schtick

Cheech & Cloudy defeated Aeroform-I don't get Cloudy/Cheech. I would rather see some CHIKARA talent light things up for EVOLVE. I know that the DCFC is busy in "other" feds, but I'd like to see them back here. Better yet have the KINGS OF WRESTLING issue an "open challenge" to any tag team out there.

Mike Quackenbush defeated Chuck Taylor-no sweeter words have ever been written as QUACK finally knocked the "21st Century Superbrat" down a  peg or 2. Now the question remains. How will Chuckie T bounce back from this?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Interview With "Perfection Personified" J.T. Evans


I would like to thank JT for taking time out of his schedule to do this. Here we go.

1. When did you discover pro wrestling:
I Actually discovered Professional Wrestling at around the age of six. At this time my mother was a dispatcher for a Towing Company and one of the drivers came into our house and turned WWF on and i was instantly hooked.

2. When did you decide that you wanted to do this:
Honestly this is a long story, but i will attempt to keep it short. I Went to some Local shows ran by territory Legends Tito Carreon and Sandy Barr and instantly knew i loved the atmosphere, so i began doing security and doing setup and tear down at shows for various company's before even getting asked if i'd be interested in training. My first day of Training and the first few months i didn't think i'd ever actually work shows i was training for fun and now i'm 4yrs in the business.

3. Who is your favorite wrestler:
As a Professional Wrestler i truly do not have a Favorite wrestler. I Have guys i enjoy watching and feel i could learn off, but not really someone who is my favorite. I Like watching Matt Sydal aka Evan Bourne, Jack Evans, Teddy Hart and People of that stature.

4. What style do you like to work. Heel, Face, or whatever the situation entails:
Honestly i have been a heel since day one of my career it just kind of comes off natural for me, being that i am a natual *sshole. I Do work heel under another character though and it's fun as well, but not as fun as working Heel.

5. Longest road trip you ever took:
I've had the honor to wrestle in Indiana, Iowa, Alabama, California, Oregon and Washington, by far the longest trips have been to Indiana and Alabama though.

6. Ever been stiffed on pay:
Yes i have on Various Occasions got some story's i could tell. I Plan to release a Independently filmed shoot interview soon.

7. Does your perspective as a wrestler ruin your viewing of wrestling:
Very Much so i sit and watch WWE & TNA Wrestling and usually can call stuff before it happens.
8. Who trained you: I've been trained by Various People including Lil Nasty Boy aka Midget Batita from WWE Raw, Widowmaker, Cowboy Tex Thompson and have done clinics with Tonga Kid and Gangrel.

9. Should one believe what they read in the newsletters?
Not always i was taught right away listen to 99.5% of what you hear, BUT only believe 5%

10. Do you still see yourself doing this in 5 years:
Guess we will have to wait and see at this point.

Anything you wanna plug:

Just listen to False Count Radio Wednesdays at 8:00pm est/5:00pm pst and Saturdays at 4:00pm est/1:00pm pst and


EVOLVE 5-Younger vs. Callihan.

I don't know who to root for here folks. Last month I wanted to see a fight b/ween Brodie Lee and Jon Moxley. 
Now Sami Callihan channels his inner "crazy" and wants to go 3 and 0. The person that stands in his way is the "Psycho-Shooter" Drake Younger. Does anyone honestly thing that Younger is gonna make it easy for Sami? I don't, and neither should Callihan.
I am not going to make any predictions, but the fantasy booker in me is imagining Jon Moxley getting involved in this, some way. I am also envisioning a tag team of Callihan/Younger some where down the line as well....If Drake and Sami are reading this I'd like some kind of reply....thanks for reading.

(Note if this sound like a re-tread of an EARLIER POST. It is!)

Working Class Hero-Ronnie Garvin vs Ric Flair

This blog was inspired by Eric Gargullo's article about working class wrestlers So go and read that first. Ronnie Garvin was booked as a blue collar guy. The antithesis between himself and Ric Flair was striking. Watch Ron Garvin's win Many people say that Garvin was a "transitional" champion, but they (NWA/WCW) totally missed the boat with Garvin. Now with the economy in shambles, there needs to be another "working class hero" for the masses........

Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Pro Wrestling Timeline

Early 80's
1. Wake up Saturday morning watch 4 different wrestling feds thx to cable
2. Go to newstand buy "Pro Wrestling Illustrated" for the latest news
3. Once every 4 months rent a converter box the size of a shoe box to watch a PPV

Mid 80's
1. Vince McMahon wipes out all the territories all that can be seen is WWF
2. Stopped buying wrestling mags because discovered Playboy and Penthouse
3. Stopped watching wrestling cause BORING

1. Get back into wrestling because of "The Monday Night Wars" (WCW vs WWF)
2. Late 90's get on internet-join original
3. Subscribe to "newsletter" have wrestling ruined by reading what ACTUALLY happens in the back. Develop "smark-itis"
4. 1997-Discover ECW on late night TV-Interest in actual wrestling resumes
5. Only buy ECW PPV's
6. 1999-2001-Watch WCW be turned to absolute shit and eventually go out of business along with ECW
7. WWF/E buys ECW and WCW

1. Watch horribly botched InVasion angle by WWF/E
2. Tune out but still read the spoilers on a1wrestling
3. Get into TNA-slowly lose faith in them because they have no idea what they are doing
4. 2004-Rise and Fall of ECW DVD is released. Bought it.
5. 2005-Original "One Night Stand" PPV airs best PPV of the year
6. 2006-One Night Stand II airs-last PPV bought
7. ECW on Sci-Fi-Realization that WWE has ruined ECW

1. Tuned out altogether still active on a1wrestling-read spoilers still dejected
2. Buy first indy wrestling DVD-hooked on actual wrestling again
3. Do not read any spoilers or any "newsletters"
4. Join FB-Interact with indy wrestling types
5. Go on EBAY-buy indy wrestling DVD's
6. Developed "disdain" for smart marks (of which I was one) and big league wrestling
7. Still a fan..........but miss the old days!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

EVOLVE-5-The Final Lineup for 9/11/2010

1st Post About EVENT
2nd Post About Event
3rd Post About EVENT

Just in case I repeat mysself, read these posts first.......
This article is dedicated to the memory of JC Bailey

EVOLVE 5: Danielson vs. Sawa
Sept. 11th, 2010
Rahway, NJ
Rahway Rec Center
275 E. Milton Avenue, 07065
Belltime: 4pm
Tickets now on sale in the Shop or by calling 267-519-9744.

Homicide will be a special guest at this card. He will be available for autographs.-how much you wanna bet that Homicide will stir some shit up at the show.

The Main Event (see 1st post)
Bryan Danielson (1-0) vs. Munenori Sawa (1-0)

Chasing The Leader (Another write up for this match?-See 2nd post)

Chuck Taylor (3-0) vs. Mike Quackenbush (0-0)-If Mike Quackenbush loses it will be a grave injustice and will inflate the ego of Chuck Taylor to Hindenburg levels. Chuck Taylor is to me, what Jason was to Joey Styles. Every time I see that arrogant snot nosed punk I cringe. Its not that he can't wrestle, he CAN, and he KNOWS it. If I ever see Chuck Taylor in front of me I will go into convulsions and start speaking in tongues (Greek Obscenity Laden Tirade)

WSU World Title Match (if Martinez is still Champion)-see 1st post
Mercedes Martinez defends vs. Amazing Kong

Special Challenge Match-see 1st post
Jimmy Jacobs (3-1) vs. Adam Cole (1-1)

Battle For 3-See 1st Post
Sami Callihan (2-0) vs. Drake Younger (2-0)

Special Attraction Match
Kyle O'Reilly (2-1) vs. Ricochet (1-2)-If I were a betting man, I would pick Ricochet over Kyle O'Reilly

Tag Team Rematch
Cheech & Cloudy (2-0) vs. Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon (1-3)-Aeroform (Kendrick/Lyndon) needs to win this match, in order to re-establish itself. I am not a big fan of Cheech/Cloudy. Maybe they (EVOLVE) should tease a break of one of these teams.

One Win On The Line
Brad Allen (2-1) vs. Johnny Gargano (2-2) vs. Gran Akuma (1-1) vs. Jon Moxley (0-1) vs. Frightmare (0-0) vs. Rich Swann (0-0)-Logistically if this match is booked as 6 way I am goiing to need Ritalin in order to watch it. This is gonna get me on someone's s*** list, but l am going to say it anyway. WHY IS GARGANO NOT BEING PUSHED TO THE MOON!? To add a little more spice to this match I would make it a GAUNTLET match. One of these contenders is picked to run the gauntlet :::cough-GARGANO-cough:::. You wanna add a bit of comedy to the match, bring out Seth Davis, you wanna add a little drama to the match, have Jimmy Jacobs sit in the audience and watch Gargano. There are so many ways to go in this match it could be a card in itself.

The bottom line remains. Go to the show on 9/11, support indy wrestling.....if you can't make it to the show buy the dvd when it comes out.