Friday, July 30, 2010

Questions Thread Pt 5

Q: Did you ever watch any of the the Von Erich brothers wrestle in person?
A: No

Q: Did you watch 'Downfall' and think, in a Jim Ross voice, "BAH GAWD KING, THESE PEOPLE ARE DUMBER THAN A BAG OF ROCKS!"
A: No, I haven't had a chance to watch

Q: Will Undertaker retire with an undefeated Wrestlemania record?
A: I hope he does, its the only thing interesting me about the WWE at this point

Raven turns on Dreamer-Here We Go Again!.

Last night I watched TNA execute their version of "ECW". I kept telling my self "give it a chance". I couldn't even let my self suspend belief. Since when did the ECW guys need ANYONE'S seal of approval? Why was Hulk Hogan in the ring with the ECW crew? If this was the original ECW they would of mauled Hogan. So we get to the main event of Tommy Dreamer vs Abyss. The plunder came out, and wouldn't you know it, IT DIDN'T EVEN LOOK REAL. The shots didn't even look forced. When I watched the original ECW everything looked and felt real. When I first saw someone go through a table, I rewound that tape over and over because I couldn't believe what I was seeing/

When Raven's music hit and Mike Tenay stupidly referred to Raven as "Tommy Dreamer's former rival", he gave away the finish to the match. With one chair shot I was sucked in. Raven did it again, he showed the difference b/ween a "hack" and someone who knows what the hell to do to grab that audience and make them wanna tune in next week.

Would it have been just as effective to have Raven save Dreamer and THEN turn on him? I think so, but I am not the booker here folks.

The visual of Raven licking Dreamer's face is gonna be scarred in my mind forever. This is the feud that endeared ECW to me. The original ECW. Not the hackneyed version that we got with WWE and now with TNA. TNA does not get what "hardcore" is. Hardcore is not about plunder, hardcore is about getting in that ring and giving 110%. The cage match b/ween the MCMG's and Beer Money Inc. THAT was hardcore.

Wanna see some real wrestling? Wanna see guys get in there and leave it all in the ring. Go get the first 3 EVOLVE shows at Better yet watch Bryan Danielson's epic match against Bobby Fish @ EVOLVE 4. "In an industry where everyone wants to be real, where everyone wants to do a "shoot" This my friends is a shoot!" The mad scientist of pro wrestling Paul Heyman said those words almost 10 years ago.

I leave you with this video

Saturday, July 24, 2010

TNA Can Just Smile and BL@W ME!-Desmond Wolfe In The Doghouse

Those within TNA suggest Desmond Wolfe is currently in the doghouse. The British wrestling star has developed a reputation for being difficult to work with, which has affected his push in the organization.
Courtesy lords of pain website.

Let's see if I was a big star in Ring of Honor, a world champion, and then I went to TNA and got lost in the shuffle I'd be difficult to work with as well. I hate it when the bigs feel they have to re-make someone, or they have to "humble him/her". Or when new regimes come in and re-boot the company and jettison what ever push the wrestler was in the middle of., or worse give him a new name. Anyone remember Lloyd Boner?

TNA needs to take care of its young talent not squander it or misuse it.

Maybe Nigel can work an EVOLVE or DGUSA show.............

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Will Steve Corino ever EVOLVE?

I am not a wrestling insider, I am just a fan.
EVOLVE wrestling focuses on WINS and LOSSES and
treats wrestling as a SPORT.

Who treats wrestling the same way?
Who lives, eats, breathes wrestling?
The King of Old School Steve Corino.

I don't know what his relationship with EVOVLE brass is these days, nor do I care. Its none of my business, I pay my money, and I enjoy the show.

If the braintrusts in TNA haven't contacted the King of Old School
to be @ their ECW retread, that's fine. He can come to EVOLVE and school some of the talent, or deflate some egos. (cough:::Taylor:::cough)

I don't know how they can do it.
I don't know if they will do it at all.
But it needs to be done.

Possible Matches:
Corino vs. Chuck Taylor
Corino vs. Gargano (The Clown Prince of Evolve vs. The King of Old School)
Corino vs. Brodie Lee
Corino vs. Brad Allen
Corino vs. Bobby Fish
Corino vs. Jimmy Jacobs

Just fill in the blanks and let the matches do the talking!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Jon Moxley vs Brodie Lee @ EVOLVE 4 (redux)

Bloody hell! Moxley is spitting out the promos faster than I can crib them. Forget my last post hell I'm gonna delete it just watch this!

Jon Moxley is ready to EVOLVE. (Evolve is officially SCREWED)

Moxley is gonna go up against an 18 wheeler! His name is Brodie Lee-he likes to kick people's heads off. Here watch this..

The Pele? No The Brodie!

Moxley is gonna "follow the rules of EVOLVE". I said it in the last post. I wouldn't want to run into Moxley anytime or anywhere. Just remember the scene in Casino where Joe Pesci stabs a guy with his own pen and the beats the crap out of him. Brodie Lee better knock Moxley out with that kick, because Moxley is gonna come back and he isn't going to stop!

Shuffling EVOLVE'S Deck of Cards

EVOLVE has 26 active singles wrestlers on its roster.
I took all the names in alphabetical order and paired them up.
For exsample I picked Brad Allen to go against Drake Younger and so on.
You'll see where I didn't follow the top-down pairing.
Based on the pairings who do you think would win their respective matches.

Brad Allen vs Drake Younger
Sami Callihan vs Silas Young
Arik Cannon vs Chuck Taylor
Claudio Castagnoli vs Munenori Sawa
Adam Cole vs Ricochet
Bryan Danielson vs Mike Quackenbush
Chris Dickinson vs Kyle O'Reilly
Kenn Doane vs Brodie Lee
Bobby Fish vs Jon Moxley
Johnny Gargano vs Jigsaw
Gran Akuma vs Jimmy Jacobs
Hallowicked vs Chris Hero
Ikuto Hidaka vs Kota Ibushi

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Questions Thread Pt 4

Q: Who do you think are the rising stars of the WWE? 
A:  I don't watch WWE or TNA on a regular basis to give you an actual answer. (I keep up by reading spoilers) The problem with both WWE and TNA is this. WWE can make stars, no doubt about that, for the longest time they have been coasting on the back of HHH, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, and Batista, now that HHH is out with an injury, Michaels retired, Undertaker semi-retired, and Batista out, they are throwing guys out there BEFORE they are even ready, NXT/Nexus was a way to get 7-8 guys over real quick because with the exception of Danielson, they were not ready to go out on their own. Danielson gets canned and the Nexus angle runs out of steam. On the other hand TNA have people ready. AJ Styles, Samoa Joe (wasting away in TNA needs to go to the E and feud with his old ROH nemesis CM Punk) Beer Money Motor City Machine Guns, they had Christopher Daniels and Awesome Kong and lost them due to promoting fossils, now Jay Lethal has been "made" by Ric Flair. TNA is looking to the past to pop a rating, they had enough young guns to do it on their own. What TNA needs is savvy veterans BEHIND the scenes to take young talent under their wing and get them ready. The indy scene is just oozing with guys that could really shake things up. 

Q: While on the topic of TNA, with Hulk Hogan, et. al. on-board now, is it turning into WCW 2.0? And how long before Vince buys it and shuts it down?
A: It almost did. Hogan and Bischoff took what little progress TNA made in over 7 years and damaged the "brand" to such an extent that it may never recover. TNA is now trying to woo Paul Heyman to take over creative, but he won't come unless he is given total creative control. He wants to be TNA's Dana White. Last Thursday the corpse of ECW in the form of Dreamer, Raven, Richards, and Rhino "invaded" TNA. TNA is stuck up its own @$$ and needs to do something to separate itself from the WWE. TNA has the talent and the money to do something good in wrestling. Are they in danger of being bought out by Vince McMahon time will tell......remember you can always ruin your wrestling viewing by reading crib sites like Lords Of Pain which gives you insider news.

Q: How do you know when a smurf suffocates?
A: It turns pink

Q: How do you know if a word is misspelled in the dictionary?

Q: Why do they sterilize needles for lethal injections?

Q: Why is there a disclaimer that says "not available in all states" on an Allstate commercial?

Q: Why do people say "beans, beans the magical fruit"?
A: The more you eat the more you toot!

TRUE or FALSE-Mick Foley Is God

So who had the best technique?
Mick McManus/Jackie Pallo/Les Kellett/Adrian Street-Exotic Adran Street  

How should I handle my 3y.o. son calling me a "couch sitter"-Just sit on the couch and say: "Yeah I'm a couch sitter!"

If you went camping and you woke up one morning, don't remember what happened the night before with your pants missing and your ass hurting would you tell anyone?-I too have felt Dr Hartman's cold finger of indifference on my "insidey parts"

If you could get in the ring with any professional wrestler(past or present) and they could basically perform any wrestling move(s) on you until they beat you into submission who would it be?-Too many to pick, I wouldn't mind being a "jobber" (basically paid to take a beating and make the stars look good).

Why, when you're watching television in a hotel room in a foreign country and it's showing a series you didn't watch in your home country, is it always the one episode you did see?-never happened to me, but I love watching shows over dubbed in other languages.

Do you smell what the Rock is cookin?


Give CHIKARA'S COLONY Their OWN Reality Show Already....

While reading the status of one of the CHIKARA crew on FACEBOOK it dawned on me. Give the Colony their own reality show! Have them do regular people stuff and post it on the pod cast a  go-go. The colony grocery shopping, the colony going to the car wash, the most routine mundaine tasks. The colony burning ANTS with a manginfying glass and then being remorseful over it and going to the shrink to get therapy. Of course it has to be filled with Colony wrestling clips....I mean c'mon a wrestling themed show WITHOUT wrestling. That'll never fly.....

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My turn @ Nerd rage-Leave ECW Alone

This is the way I want to remember the renegade promotion from Philly. Tonight Total Non Stop Anachronism will re-animate the corpse of ECW in a last ditch effort to re-boot their sagging ratings. No thanks, I like to remember ECW for what it was. Ironically TNA has enough talent to make something really special. But they continue to dig up corpses! Tommy Dreamer tore his MCL trying to put over a ECW re-union show. Why couldn't they put Dixie through a table?

The Questions Thread Pt. 3

Pieter asks: Best Slayer album
A: Reign In Blood 

Best MOOBS in wrestling?
1. Dusty Rhodes, 2. Bastion Booger, 3. Abdullah The Butcher  

Suptool asks: What Indy Promotions have you watched?
A: Evolve is the only thing I have regularly watched. I watched a bit of ROH, and CHIKARA's pod cast a go-go. I can only afford to keep up with one promotion right now.

Titantron asks: Would WCW still be around had the Fusient deal gone through?
A: I think it would be in some way shape or form but it would be changed to fit the times. It still would of been called WCW, but it would have a more realistic feel to it, more like MMA. Say what you want about Bischoff, but he is a marketer/salesman and he would always want to be at the forefront of what is fresh and new. Just don't have him BOOK the actual wrestling. 
Update-Fusient Media Ventures went out of business thanks to Eldest son for the heads up. I still say WCW would still be around someone would of bought it off FUSIENTS hands. The funny thing is it would probably be Vince and co.

Q: Where does the white go when the snow melts-ask the snowman

Q: Best Stones Era?- The Mick Taylor years

Q: Why is a Raven like a writing desk?-Ask the Mad Hatter

Q: Who would you rather bone Betty White or Whoopi Goldberg-three way! But Betty would get most of my attention. 

Q: Has the WWE ran out of ideas? NXT is crap, like the NWO all over again.-no the NXT angle when it was originally executed was great. Then Brian Danielson/Daniel Bryan got canned for choking some idiot announcer with a necktie (too violent for PG-TV), the angle lost steam and is just like everything else. Nothing in pro wrestling is original. The WWE needs to create new stars and make the matches important (like UFC) and let go of this soap opera bullshit.

Q: Should Mel Gibson .be blown before the jacuzzi?-Who cares about Mel Gibson just take the tapes and synch them up to some killer hip hop beats. As far as hummers in a jacuzzi go, at least it aint messy

Q: Why do the WWE arena lights flicker when an email from the GM comes in? Is it Stone Cold?-I don't know why the lights ficker, I don't know who the GM is. If it was me booking the angle I would have the GM be Jim Ross!

Q: Why does dog crap attract flies?GO HERE   

Q: What's the American Dream up to lately?-He's an agent/producer for the WWE, but 3hrs' answer that he is up to 400lbs is just as good 

Q:Back in 1981, during a vicious Cobra Clutch Challenge at the hands of Sgt Slaughter an unsightly thick white fluid started spewing from the side of Pat Patterson's mouth as he began slipping into unconsciousness... what could it have been?-baby butter?

Q: Whatever happened to Special Delivery Jones?

Does anyone remember laughter?-yeah I do
Where's that confounded bridge?-in my pocket
Tastes great or less filling?-Depends how her mood is
After leaving a crap is it better to wipe upwards or downwards?-who gives a s***

Q:Does a recording of Led Zeppelin, April 13th 1977 St Paul Minnesota exist?-ask slumpy, or Javit, or Freezer, or EVSD

Where can I find a full size version of weedwacker's avatar?-ask weedy
Did Bonzo remember the jail?-probably not
How much wood can a wood chuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?-allot!
What is wrong with Mel Gibson?-HE NEEDS A WOMAN!! TO BLOOOOW HIM!!
Should I trade the LS1 and ecm/harness in my garage for a ZZ4 long block and $750 cash?-Depends on how strapped for cash you are

Q: Is this a work, a shoot, or are you just cutting a promo?
A: Its a "worked shoot" the promos are required to pull it off!



The Questions Thread Pt 2

Stosh Longshots asks:
How much motor oil do you smell like?-none

DJ Unstable asks:
Best Pecs?-I really don't have an answer for that. I remember when Hogan use to make his go up and down, I always thought it was funny.

Q: What would you do if there was no such thing as pro-wrestling
A: Obsess over old concert tapes

3HrsofLunacy asks: Hottest WWF/E Diva?

Weedwacker asks:
1. Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near-I am not gonna answer that....something about being close!
2. Paper or plastic-depends on the item.
3. Black or White-Gray
4. What goes hodedo hodedo-no idea

Bluerayonfire asks:
1) The Undertaker married Michelle McCool for real. Did that bump on the head make him go absolutely nuts?-Hey he married Sara Undertaker didn't he?

2) Do you think Evan Bourne and Randy Orton would make a good tag team? It seemed that Orton got happier than he normally allows himself to be when he teamed up with Bourne a couple of weeks ago, and then the choreography of the Air Bourne manuever into a mid-air RKO had to have taken a lot of work between those two to NOT screw that up!-Orton needs to be pushed to the moon as a SINGLES star, same with Evan Bourne. That RKO out of no where was sweet though

3) Chris Jericho as a game-show host???-He can do anything he wants, he's got the charisma for it. Besides its a good idea to plan for a career AFTER wrestling. I haven't watched the show so I cannot comment.

4) So if Linda McMahon loses her Senate bid, do you think the WWE will stop being a product for five-year-olds?-Probably, it'll probably go to the levels of SUCK that we have been use to! I really hope she loses. Could you imagine Vinny Mac asking for Congressional favours?

Zeppenita from Royal-Orleans asks: B-Cup or C-Cup-I love boobies of any size and shape!
Stacy asks: Why do some pop stars from the 80's still wear spandex/tight jeans
A: Because they won't give up the ship

The Questions Thread Pt 1

Mark4Madden: Were you like me when you were younger and simultaneously excited and depressed for WCW main event that aired on sundays?-Not as much as when I paid for a PPV on Sunday and the rematch was given away for free the next day on NITRO. Or worse watching WCW Saturday Night for a hot main event and its only a "b" match with scrubs vs stars.As far as school the next day, by the time I started watching wrestling again I was out of school and working crap jobs, so the feeling was the same.
Titantron: How easy/difficult do you find it to get into Japanese promotions, given the language barrier? I can't get into the Japanese promotions BECAUSE of the language barrier. DGUSA may be my only option. I don't mind if English commentary is over-dubbed. (or even sub titled) For a laugh go to your local Spanish station and watch Raw dubbed in Spanish. Even if the show sucks, the alternate commentary makes it watchable. Maybe TNA has a Spanish version of their shows?

Eldest Son: Who throws the best punches? (Fake but look real)
Necrobutcher, Bryan Danielson, Bobby Fish, Chris Hero (spinning elbow), Samoa Joe-this is a question that Holzy could answer better than me! Since I have to pick my top 5 that's the best I can do. Please don't throw tomatoes at me for the answer thanks!
Koppokick: What matches would have you interested in an ECW tribute PPV in August 2010? Feel free to use any living ECW alumni, except for those under contract to WWE.
Koppo-I cannot do 5 matches.
I don't believe that any of the ECW originals are under contract to the E-with the exception of Rey Misterio. I would not want to resurrect ECW in anyway shape or form, but for the sake of arguement here are the matches I would do. (suspend belief here for a minute-I know that some of these guys are past their prime/retired but who cares)
1. Jerry Lynn vs Rob Van Dam-cause I want to see these one more time.
2. Team 3D vs The Gangstas
3. Shane Douglas/Terry Funk vs Sabu/Taz-Put the four people who hate each other in teams to battle one another of course the match erupts into a four way.
4. bWo vs FBI-cause there needs to be a comedy match
5. Tommy Dreamer vs Raven
6. Sandman vs Rhino
7. Extreme Battle Royal-this will give everyone else a chance to get involved.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chikara-Chikarasaurus Rex: Best In Show-PICK EM!

 Apologies in advance for cribbing CHIKARA's note. My picks are in red font.

On Sunday afternoon, July 25th, CHIKARA presents it's mammoth summer spectacle "Chikarasaurus Rex"! In addition to the 6 matches listed below, the event will also see ECW legend Tommy Dreamer inducted in the Hardcore Hall of Fame. Then, Dreamer will suit up for action, as he teams with Eddie Kingston to face the duo of Claudio Castagnoli and Ares!

Tommy Dreamer & Eddie Kingston
Claudio Castagnoli & Ares

CIMA & Dragon Kid & Masaaki Mochizuki
Icarus & Chuck Taylor & Gran Akuma

Amazing Kong & Raisha Saeed vs. Sara Del Rey & Daizee Haze

Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw & Hallowicked
Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi & BxB Hulk

Drake Younger & The Osirian Portal vs. The UnStable

The Colony & Frightmare vs. Tim Donst/Pink Ant/Lince Dorado/Tursas

Get advance tickets right here:

Monday, July 12, 2010

Evolve 4: Danielson vs Fish

The decision was made at 9PM. Bryan Danielson picked his opponent. Bobby Fish.
Bobby Fish is 0-3 and needs a win.
Danielson is the hottest free agent in wrestling right now.
So how do you book a match without "damaging" the participants?
Its real simple. 4 rounds 5 min and score the fight on points. In other words treat it as a LEGIT contest.

Or if THAT isn't gonna fly-30 min Ironman match most pins or subs.

But then again I'll just leave it to the pros.

PS-How much you wanna bet that Jimmy Jacobs is gonna throw a tantrum because he is not in the main?
PSS-How much you wanna bet that Chuckie T is gonna challenge the winner of this match?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jacobs vs Chucky T @ EVOLVE 4

Its no secret I cannot stand Chucky T. He has taken the concept of a "heel" and tweeked it to suit his goals. In this promo Jimmy Jacobs finally demands respect, and is miffed at the fact that he has to play "2nd banana" to the Danielson main event. This is a match that annoys me in many ways. But if it means shutting Chuck Taylor's mouth for a bit I'll take it. Note to Taylor-you must be doing something right to be garnering heel heat of this magnitude. Where will Gargano be in all of this? Will he antagonize Jacobs causing him to lose? Will Jon Moxley be there to continue his vendetta with Jacobs? In a bit of fantasy booking I wouldn't mind seeing a tag team of Jacobs/Taylor go up against Moxley/Gargano.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

EVOLVE 3 DVD-Preorders Announced
July 6th

You can now pre-order the "EVOLVE 3: Rise Of Fall" DVD in the Shop or by calling 267-519-9744. Be among the first to receive it!!! Shipping date is about two weeks.

This is the entire March 13th event from Rahway, NJ. You'll witness athletes with similar Records fight it out to determine who will rise and who will fall. Here is the complete lineup:

-Sami Callihan vs. Adam Cole
-Johnny Gargano vs. Ricochet
-WSU Title Match: Mercedes Martinez vs. Brittney Savage
-Up In Smoke vs. Aeroform vs. Team Beyond
-Jon Moxley vs. Drake Younger
-Chris Hero vs. Bobby Fish
-Hallowicked vs. Gran Akuma vs. Brodie Lee vs. Chris Dickinson
-Kyle O'Reilly vs. TJP
-Jimmy Jacobs vs. Brad Allen
-Claudio Castagnoli vs. Chuck Taylor

Witness the hungriest roster on the planet battle it out to make their reputations and gain the victory. This DVD will play and ship anywhere in the world. See wrestling's newest brand and an incredible night of action, action, action for only $15 on the "EVOLVE 3: Rise Or Fall" DVD.

You can also purchase "EVOLVE 1: Ibushi vs. Richards" and "EVOLVE 2: Hero vs. Hidaka" DVDs together for only $25. This offer will expire soon. You can't beat this deal as you'll get both shows for one low price.

Personally I cannot wait for this DVD. I finally get to see Sami Callihan and Jon Moxley in action. I also get to see Claudio vs Chucky T. My disdain for Chuck Taylor is no secret, so he is doing something right. Will he continue his "facerubbing" ways? For $15 you can't go wrong. So go to and order your copy. I'll be ordering mine. Tell em "Unklejimbo sent you"

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Would YOU Hire This Man To Save Your Wrestling Company.?

Does this sound familiar?
TNA is in trouble.....
TNA need help......
TNA needs to hire Paul Heyman and recreate the ECW mistique......

TNA needs  to find out who the hell they are as a company, and stay as far away from "ECW" as possible. Hell the guy who CREATED it doesn't even talk about it anymore.

If anything. Heyman needs to come in and wipe the slate clean. TNA as a brand is so damaged they might as well call themselves anything BUT TNA.

Heyman is good at rallying the fans and the troops. Heyman in complete control of the booking is the only way it could work. If I see the corpse of ECW "invade" TNA, it will be the final nail in the coffin for them.

Bryan Danielson vs. Drake Younger "Dueling Dragons"

On 8/21/2010 Indiana's Insanity Pro Wrestling will present: Reign of the Insane.
One match that has been signed will pit Drake Younger against Bryan Danielson.
It is being called the "Battle of the Dragons"
I call it "Dueling Dragons"

I would love for the competitors to reply to this giving me and everyone here their thoughts.

In my opinion Drake Younger should cut a promo that basically says the following:
"Look Bryan, I know you've been through allot, and you're on a good will mission to bring attention to the indies, but if you think you're get a win over me, you got another thing coming. I'm not Tim Donst, I'm not Eddie Kingston, I am Drake Younger-The Naptown Dragon, The Psycho Shooter. If anything I will be the most memorable match in your 2010 Indy Tour!"

But then again Younger is gonna say and do what ever he wants. He's the pro. I'm just the fan. I love build up though. This match should be treated as something other than "...oh its the NXT guy coming back for some busy work!"

I know I have been rooting for Dragon during his Tour of the Indies, but I am rooting for Younger in this one.

There is only one way to find out what will happen...........BE THERE!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Indy Wrestling Please Come To South Florida

What will it take for an indy wrestling promotion to put on a show here?
The type of show that could probably do good here is a "family friendly" show. Maybe I'm wrong.
Its really too bad that the closest show I can go to is in Fort Myers. Speaking of shows here's one coming up later in the year. Also don't forget about the Trent Acid Tribute show @ the ECW Arena in South Philly 7/10