Monday, November 22, 2010

Larry Dallas' "VIP Section" opens its doors at EVOLVE 6.

For those of you who follow Evolve, you may have seen the backstage segments starring Seth Davis. You also have read in this humble blog my desire for someone to slap Seth Davis silly. In those segments Seth was talking about painting the town red, and acting like a big shot. I didn't care for Davis, too loud, too over the top. There was a guy with Davis that basically dressed like something out of the Jersey Shore and Miami Vice. He just sat back and looked cool. He smiled allot, I thought he was a hanger-on. How wrong I was.

His name is Larry Dallas, and at EVOLVE' 6 he made his intentions known He recruited the one guy that I want to see pushed to the moon next year, Johnny Gargano. In my opinion the way Gargano has been over-looked this year is CRIMINAL. At least I won't have  to suffer through yet another rematch with Jimmy Jacobs.  Gargano has bigger fish to fry.

Dallas also recruited the one guy who has been rubbing me the wrong way since he showed up
to Evolve. Chuck Taylor. I don't like him, he is an ego-maniac, but he gets the job done. There is no shame in losing to Austin Aries or Mike Quackenbush. I am sure that Taylor could care less. He is a "college student" with a life outside of wrestling. That's the dynamic.These two will make waves in EVOLVE, and the man that made it happen is Larry Dallas.

What will the future hold?
Watch EVOLVE and see for your self.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


November 20th, 2010

Union City, NJ
Ace Arena
725 Sip Street, 07087
Belltime: 8pm

Tickets now on sale in the Shop or by calling 267-519-9744. 1st and 2nd row tickets are $5 off until November 15th. GA tickets are only $15 in advance. They will be $20 at the door.

The Main Event

Chuck Taylor (3-1) vs. Austin Aries (0-0)-Fans voted this match as the main. Taylor is main eventing his 2nd EVOLVE show. He got past double C (Claudio Castagnoli) but will he get past A-Double Austin Aries. I also read that he is suing EVOLVE? What's that all about. My pick for this match is A-Double. 

Bonus Main Event
Homicide (0-0) vs. Jon Moxley (0-1)-This is the match I thought was going to get top billing. It has marquee match written all over it. But then again this is Evolve, and this match has the potential to break down into a bloody brawl. So maybe this is why its a co-headliner. I pick MOX

EVOLVE 1 Rematch
Kyle O'Reilly (2-2) vs. Bobby Fish (0-4)-Fish needs to win here, period! I pick Fish.

Special Attraction Match
Ricochet (2-2) vs. Adam Cole (1-2)-Cole has shown alot of personality in other feds, I wish some of that cockiness would show up here. I pick Ricochet for this one. 

Clash Of Egos
Jimmy Jacobs (4-1) vs. Johnny Gargano (3-2)-I pick Gargano. My biggest beef with Evolve is that they didn't push Gargaon this year. Maybe he is making strides in DGUSA, or A1W but not in Evolve. Jacobs rubs me the wrong way. He is too EMO and I hate EMO. Its nothing personal against Jacobs, maybe this time Gargano/Jacobs will come to a close (in Evolve anyway).

Tag Team Action
Up In Smoke of Cheech & Cloudy (3-0) vs. The Super Smash Brothers of Player Uno & Player Dos (3-0)-We will get to see a tag match, b/ween two unbeaten teams and not a blur fest. I like the CHIKARA mainstays.

Special Attraction Match
Drake Younger (3-0) vs. Silas Young (0-1)-FINALLY big Silas returns to EVOLVE, he hasn't been seen since the 1st show. Drake's got his work cut out for him. I cannot pick, because I like both.

Four-Way Match - One Win On The Line
Rich Swann (0-1) vs. AR Fox (0-0) vs. Tony Nese (0-0) vs. Scott Reed (0-0)-New faces, new blood, new possibilities. I can't pick anyone but I want to see how this match plays out.

Thanks for reading
Jim Sirigos