Monday, January 24, 2011

Dragon Gate USA-PICKEM!

Remember these are my picks! Only one way to know what's gonna happen-buy the iPPV's

Dragon Gate USA
"United: NYC"
January 28th, 2011
7pm EST. - See it live on iPPV through

Open The Freedom Gate Title Match
BxB Hulk defends vs. YAMATO

Open The United Gate Title Tournament Match
CIMA & Dragon Kid vs. Masato Yoshino & PAC
Open The United Gate Title Tournament Match
Naruki Doi & Ricochet vs. Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano

Grudge Match #1
Austin Aries vs. Rich Swann

Grudge Match #2
Jigsaw vs. Jon Moxley

Special Challenge Match
Jimmy Jacobs vs. Brodie Lee

Special Attraction Match
Akira Tozawa vs. Sami Callihan

Special appearance by Playboy Playmate and 2009 Ms. Howard Stern Reby Sky

Dragon Gate USA
"United: Philly"
January 29th, 2011
8pm EST. - See it on live iPPV through

Open The United Gate Title Tournament Match
Masato Yoshino & PAC vs. Naruki Doi & Ricochet

Open The United Gate Title Tournament Match
CIMA & Dragon Kid vs. Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano

Open The Freedom Gate Title Match (if Hulk is still Champion)
BxB Hulk defends vs. Jon Moxley

Special Attraction Match
Austin Aries vs. Akira Tozawa

Special Challenge Match
YAMATO vs. Brodie Lee

Six Way Freestyle
Jigsaw vs. Frightmare vs. Sami Callihan vs. Scott Reed vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Rexx Reed

Jimmy Jacobs' Road To The Title
Jimmy Jacobs vs. Rich Swann

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So Kimbo Slice Is Gonna Wrestle In Japan?

According to DOT NET. Kimbo is set to make his wrestling debut: ".... February 5 Inoki Genome Federation." The second half of DOT NET's headline read: "...COULD WWE BE NEXT?". The article went on to say that Kimbo's name has been brought up as a possible "enforcer" type for this year's Wrestlemania. Nothing has been CONFIRMED, so take that with a HUGE GRAIN OF SALT!

Call me an old fart, but I remember in 1997 when Iron Mike Tyson was the special "enforcer" for that year's Wrestlemania main event. Here is his debut segment Pt 1.

debut segment Pt. 2

Let's say for arguement's sake that Kimbo is offered the role. How will the WWE spin this. In 1997 they were the edgy product, now they are a PG product.  I'm sure that they will find a way. Meanwhile over in TNA-ville, we are treated to the Jeff/Karen Jarrett vs Kurt Angle story line. You have Jeff Jarrett doing an MMA gimmick now, and if anyone deserved to get his @$$ handed to him for goofing on MMA its Jarrett, its just too bad that the people in TNA don't think outside the box. Kimbo having an altercation with Jarrett in the Impact Zone out of no where would be a hell of allot better TV than the swill that they are spewing out now.

But then again what do I know I'm just a "mark".

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My ECW Experience-Hartford, CT 1999

Inspired by THIS!

Hartford 1999. Whilst watching Monday Night Raw and Nitro (flipping). An ad came up for a house show by everyone's favorite promotion ECW. They were coming to "invade" the armory and the city, I spoke to my friend Lou and we were going. We managed to score FRONT ROW seats, and I could not wait to go. To this very day, no show has come CLOSE to matching the atmosphere/craziness of that night. The main event was Spike Dudley vs RVD. I remember my friends getting into a shouting match with Danny Dorring making fun of his purple tights, to which he shouted "ITS MAROON @$$H***!" Sal E. Grazzianno threatening my friends and then running into them at the bath room during a piss break. Talking to Tommy Dreamer (and coming off like a total mark, but he was gracious enough to sign my stub) Francine and Dawn Marie getting into a catfight, Balls Mahoney getting powerbombed through a table covered with, what else THUMBTACKS!  The Dudleys inciting a near riot by saying something to the effect of "....there are more sp**s here than at the local INS!", having a conversation with Bill Alfonso, and watching some idiot throw a CRUTCH in the ring for Sabu, and getting thrown out by Atlas security! Justin Credible acting like a complete heel, and asking for his t shirt back. Oh yeah the ECW film crew was there too. The intensity of that night is something I will never forget. No tape can do it justice either. ECW was about a "vibe"that NO ONE has been able to duplicate ever since. Sure the speaker system was shit, the ring was crap, but the crew gave it their ALL. I was hoarse for days. It was the best $30.00 I ever spent!