Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Reluctant Tag Champs/2.21.11 (double post)

Over at THE WRESTLING BLOG. Tom Holzerman wrote an entry saying how much he disliked the "reluctant tag champs" angle that was a retread of Austin & HHH done a few years back.

The best reluctant tag champs angle IMO was Tommy Dreamer and Raven. Bitter enemies since childhood, Dreamer had to share the tag belts with the one guy he hated the most Raven. Too bad that angle fizzled out

Also, the 2.21.11 build up didn't turn out to be STING, or even AWESOME KONG. Undertaker made his return, only to be overshadowed by HHH. Looks like we will get the Wrestlemania marquee match of Taker vs HHH with the streak on the line. The two of them didn't talk they told a story by not saying anything just using body language. This is what the young talent need to aspire to. Story telling. Allot of internet fans are turned off by returning and aging stars, because it shows no faith in young talent. The young talent needs to be made in order to be able to take over. That requires seasoning, and letting them sink or swim in front of a live audience. You have guys in the WWE roster ready to go to the next level, is the WWE afraid to take risks in such a shaky economy where every dollar counts. Is that why they reach into the grab bag of their past and re-hash ideas that have a proven track record.?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Austin Aries please don't go anywhere.

Blog post inspired by THIS POST-read it first

Call me a mark.
If Austin Aries got turned down for the re-incarnation of tough enough-then the E is stupid. You have in Aries a great talker/worker. Who wouldn't want to have him on a roster.
The cynic in me thinks this is all one giant WORK. The WWE used the negative push for Bryan Danielson, and it worked. I bought into the "firing" of Bryan just like everyone else. Since them, I take what ever I read and hear with a HUGE grain of salt.
Then again if its for real-the WWE passed on a great talent in Aries.
I don't think a "big money" promotion can take on the WWE either. You need the money, and you need the MINDS to run a wrestling company. TNA is not the answer, that promotion has been pounded into dust from the inside out. Back to Aries-I want him to be cast as the "dark horse" of Tough Enough. Have the WWE ask the (I hate this term) WWE Universe if they want to see Austin Aries in Tough Enough, but that's not until he makes a surprise appearance in one of the episodes.
Call me what ever you want.....

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The copy machine is busted!

"Wrestling promoters are for the most part uncreative smacked asses you see (and when you add in failed TV writers to the mix, that tendency towards mass-produced photocopying is increased exponentially)" Tom Holzerman

Its getting to be a bit like point/counterpoint, and I hope that Tom doesn't think that I'm cribbing his stuff, but I don't know if I can solely blame lazy promoters, and hack writers, what I do blame is our ADD addled society, and the fact that we have become a culture so "desensitzed" that nothing can truly be revolutionary or shocking any more. The last great wrestling feud (IMO) was Raven vs. Dreamer. That feud lasted 2 years, there is no way that the modern day wrestling fan has the patience to wait for a pay off for 2 whole years. As far as the photcopy analogy-yeah you can clone Y2J  and SCSA all day long, but after 100 or 200 photocopies you're gonna lose the crispness of the original. If anything the wrestlers need to be given a way to sink or swim in front of an audience-in the old days you had territories, now you either have WWE (and their developmental rosters) or TNA. Until there is a middle ground b/ween bush league and big league the copy machine is gonna be spitting out xeroxes all day. Remember though after so many copies, the machine is gonna crap out!

Create New Stars? You need the old stars to make them.

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In the here today, gone later today world of entertainment nothing lasts forever and everything comes around to being "new" again. The Royal Runble saw the return of Big Daddy Cool Diesel, and Booker T. Sting's status is "unknown" at this time. Logic would dictate that a wrestling organization's job is to consistently create new stars to take the place of the old. I'm all for that but how can you make new stars without the old guard helping to make them. No one is gonna care if say "The Young Bucks" beat ________. It would mean something if "The Young Bucks beat an established tag team. It would of meant something if Samoa Joe came into TNA and was built properly (that would of meant that Kurt Angle would of lost in the end, but still kept his dignity) Its too bad that Terry Funk isn't around to make some of these guys, because he is the only one of the old guard that understood that you needed to make guys all the time, but nobody made Terry Funk look like a loser. I have yet to see any one in the old guard do that kind of balancing act.