Monday, August 30, 2010

Not Again-Another Wrestler Gone Before His Time

I was going to write about the hype video that EVOLVE put up by Sawa, but then I saw a post about "another brother gone". JC Bailey died at 26 years of age. It seems that we are losing wrestlers faster and faster. Trent Acid, Lance Cade, Luna Vachon, and now JC Bailey. I think its time that wrestling stopped paying lip service to the media, and start to take care of its own. There needs to be some kind of "performers union" and there needs to be an "off season". That has been the argument about the "big leagues" for years. In the crazy world of indy wrestling, where one fed springs up one weekend and is gone the next what can people do to protect themselves? I am not going to act like judge and jury because I don't know all the facts, it just worries me that the indies are gonna run out of future superstars if we keep losing guys like this. My condolences go out to the family and friends of JC Bailey....

Sunday, August 29, 2010

What Decade Is This?-THE SHORE IS COMING TO TNA....

THE SHORE? Really? Really?
I have never watched the Jersey Shore, but TNA has-and since they wanna keep a pulse on what the general public likes they will debut this tandem on TNA. Oh well what ever needs to be done to draw fans to your product. Never mind showcasing good wrestling, and logic, and letting the wrestling do the talking. Hey TNA why don't you debut a tag team and call them THE SOCIAL NETWORK, and they can challenge any tag team in TNA to a blogging contest (who ever blogs the fastest wins).

Name That Wrestler-Tyler Black

What's Your Name???
What do you guys think that Tyler Black's WWEdevelopmental name will be?  
1. Taylor Black
2. Tyler Stephens
3. Sean Tyler
4. Blackie Tyler
...5. Rudy O. Harris (ROH)
6. Shawn Tyler Black
7. Blackie Flannagan
8. Tyler Bryan-Daniel Bryan's brother.......
9. "Tailor Made" Tyler Black
10. "The Future" Tyler Black..........let's hope that it doesn't become "Future Endeavored" Tyler Black.
It will probably be someting goofy yet marketable for the kiddies!
PS. How about "TYLER BLANK"

Blog for 8/29/2010

The reason why pro wrestling operates like a "secret society" is that there has to be a dividing line b/ween what the audience sees and what happens in the back. Otherwise there would be "bleedover" and the illusion could not be maintained.....

After the whole Bryan Danielson (how he was "fired", and then re-surfaced @ Summerslam) incident happened, I said to myself, I am just gonna sit back and enjoy the ride. There were times in my life where I subscribed to the whole SMARK movement, I subscribed to newsletters, I knew it all. Bottom line is that unless I am in the back, or in that ring I know NOTHING. 

Tonight when Tyler Black came out to wrestle Davey Richards, the crowd started a 'you sold out chant.' There was a great blog by Tom Holzerman that perfectly captures the disdain that I feel, when I hear chants like this. 10+ years ago people shouted the same thing at Taz, when he signed with the WWE

Anyway what I am trying to get at is that wrestling is a business. When guys like Brian Danielson, and Tyler Black go to the "bigs", its because SOMEONE saw something in them, and gave them a shot. (...At least that's what I'd like to believe, its not like Johnny Ace is gonna call me and ask me for an opinion on a signing, who am I anyway?)

You can watch as much wrestling as you want. If you don't like what the WWE is doing, and if you don't like what TNA is doing, DON'T WATCH! There is plenty of wrestling out there, all you have to do is look for it. Guys signing with big organizations, is nothing new. If anything it clears the way for new talent at the indies.

Now I'd like to switch gears for a bit. Luna Vachon was something that some of the DIVAS/KNOCKOUTS wish they could be. She was a great wrestler, she had PRESENCE as well, and she legitimately scared the bejesus out of people. There will never be another one like her, may she rest in peace.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Homicide is coming to "EVOLVE 5"

NOTORIOUS 187 "Homicide"
Those are the words I read within EVOLVE's latest email. Danielson will still wrestle SAWA @ EVOLVE 5.

The real Homicide is coming to EVOLVE!

Homicide was watered down in TNA. I remember seeing his entrance @ Death Before Dishonor IV, when the red lights shone through the arena, and his music hit I did something I thought I would never do again. I was too "smart", I was too "jaded", despite all that I MARKED THE F*** OUT!

I don't care if he sits in the front row, the Notorious 187 is coming to EVOLVE. I hope EVOLVE knows what they have gotten themselves into.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why Can't Wrestlers Just Be Happy With Being Wrestlers.....

Read the article that inspired this blog post....

Are you done reading? Good.
The only guy that took to MMA like a fish to water is Brock Lesnar, he can be considered a success, even when he lost he lost with dignity, and vowed to avenge his loss. Bobby Lashley lost his MMA fight in Strikeforce and people are calling him a fraud. I also believer that Dave Batista wants to try his hand @ MMA as well. Why? MMA is more than just catch as catch can, and just because you're big doesn't mean you can "move" in that ring.
What I am about to say might piss off a few people but here goes......and it doesn't apply to wrestlers who ply their craft in indy feds, or even those wrestlers in the "bigs" who still give a shit, and who don't phone it in.
Instead of being embarrassed with where they come from, they should do more to promote the SPORT of pro wrestling and quit trying to be SPORTS ENTERTAINERS. Guys like Bobby Fish entertain me because of what they can do in that ring  Characters are great, but its still all about the wrestling.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Armchair Bookers LTD 8/21/2010: Homicide Is A Free Man

Remember I am not a booker-I just like to pretend that I am one on the internet. I write this stuff more as an outlet for my self than anything else.

No longer bound by TNA's shackles The Notorious 187 is free to go anywhere he wants. How would you guys and gals book Homicide if you had the chance?

1. Give him Steve Corrino in a cage match (some feuds never die)
2. Team him up with Eddie Kingston
3. Put him up AGAINST Eddie Kingston
4. Set him loose @ EVOLVE
5. Set him loose everywhere

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Always Have A Back Up Plan Pt. 2

My head is spinning,
Adam Pearce is out of ROH.
Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) is back in WWE.

I am not a booker, I just pretend to play one on the internet.

If WWE lets Danielson finish his bookings,
then I will leave it to the pros to do the Danielson send off.

Adam Pearce is now a free man to go back to the ring....why not go to an EVOLVE
event as the NWA world champion and take on all comers, maybe go against Bobby Fish in a non title match
and if Fish wins he gets a shot at the NWA world title, better yet since Pierce has so much stroke in the NWA he can get Fish a contract as a consolation prize-out comes some one from Evolve's office and tries to up the ante to get Fish to stay. Fish is an EVOLVE guy and the last thing EVOLVE needs is to see him go.........

Who will Fish go with..........

Just bring Pearcee in and have him go against anyone in the Evolve roster, offering them an NWA contract as a consolation prize and  EVOLVE brass trying to keep him from jumping.

Question for the folks at the EVOLVE "office"
Where is Silas Young?
Where are the Dark City Fight Club?

Friday, August 13, 2010

EVOLVE 5 Taylor vs Quackenbush


Evolve announced ANOTHER match for its jam packed 9/11 card in Raway, NJ
Chuck Taylor vs Mike Quackenbush (Chasing The Leader)

Quack is the man who brought CHIKARA to the wrestling world, he is a tag team specialist, he is a lucha libre devotee, and he is a DAMN GOOD WRESTLER. All you have to do is pick up the first 3 EVOLVE DVD's to witness him, and his charges wrestling an innovative high flying style, that deserves to be seen by more people. Better yet go to SMART MARK VIDEO and pick up any of the year-retrospectives for CHIKARA. Mike Quackenbush is now blazing his own trail in EVOLVE.

Chuck Taylor-the guy who had to wrestle a QUALIFYING match to get on the roster. The guy who has beaten every single person EVOLVE has put in front of him, is now the WINS LEADER. The guy who mooned the camera @ EVOLVE 3. Will he scare little children in this match? Will he mock Quackenbush> What WILL the guy do to piss off the crowd, his employers, and once again cement his claim as the "Superbrat" of the 21st century? He is no "Kentucky Gentleman", as a matter of fact if Taylor loses this match Quack needs to make him do laps around the ring whilst wearing a KFC bucket, but then again if Taylor wins my nightmare of him eventually becoming  EVOLVE CHAMPION  is one step closer to coming true.

The only way to find out what happens is to go to the show and buy the DVD  if you can't make it.

In closing
Would love a response from either QUACK or :::::shudders::::: Taylor

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Who Will Be The NEXT ROH World Champion?

Remember I am not a booker-I only pretend to play one on the internet. I write this stuff for my own amusement. Comments and criticisms welcome.

When one door closes another door opens.
Tyler Black is leaving for the WWE.
Ring of Honor needs to shake things up a bit.

Tyler should drop the belt in controversial fashion-the belt needs to be held up and a tourney announced
Tyler needs to have as much heat on the way out as he did getting to the belt. Tyler needs to leave "a champion".

Cornette should adress the situation in the following manner:
"Tyler Black since you are leaving to become a sports entertainer, what we are going to do is have a tourney to crown the next ROH champion, your antics are NOT what ROH is about. ROH is about wrestling, what you did reeks of sports entertainment."

What Tyler Black did-I don't know if he should just act like a complete dick in his last match, or if he should have the match of his life, and THEN in his goodbye speech act like a complete asshole, and CLOWN the new champ. I'm stuck here folks.

Anyhow the tourney is announced, but its not just the cream of the ROH crop. Cornette sends an "open invite" to any independant wrestler out there. Of course at the end its an ROH guy who wins the belt, but he will win it against one of the "open invites" and Cornette will offer the runner up an ROH contract.

But then again what do I know.......

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Always have a back up plan-Tyler Black to WWE? is reporting that Tyler Black may have signed a developmental deal with WWE. If he has congrats to Tyler Black, may you make bucket loads of cash. Who will take his place? That is the problem that ROH and any other indy promotion faces, as the "bigs" come in and take talent away. The solution, always have a back up plan. One guy/gal leaves another takes their place. The departing wrestler needs to do the right thing and "put over" their replacement. So for Tyler Black that means dropping the ROH title in a great match to cap off his ROH career. There are going to be allot of people saying "oh he'll be ruined by the WWE", or "he sold out" Its all about making money in this business, if all goes well Black will have a good career in WWE, if not he can always come back to ROH.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Raway, NJ
tickets can be purchased by going to

The Main Event
Bryan Danielson (1-0) vs. Munenori Sawa (1-0)-Bryan Danielson's debut EVOLVE match against Bobby Fish was  all kinds of awesome. The Dragon issued a challenge to Sawa at the end of that event. What will happen? The only way to know is to GO TO THE SHOW!!

WSU World Title Match (if Martinez is still Champion)
Mercedes Martinez defends vs. Amazing Kong-Evolve has been putting them up,
Mercedes has been knocking them down. It truly is the unstoppable force vs.
the immovable object. Mercedes has the tenacity, and the intestinal fortitude,
she is afraid of nothing, and no one. Kong is......KONG!!
She will give no quarter, someone may not may be able to walk back to the dressing room.

Special Challenge Match
Jimmy Jacobs (3-1) vs. Adam Cole (1-1)-Watch the DVD for EVOLVE 3. Adam Cole showed some guts in his match against  Sami Callihan. Also if you all remember, Jacobs has been "hazing" Cole something awful. Its time for Cole to step up to the plate and nail one out of the park! I don't want to make a prediction, I just hope that Seth Davis, Johnny Gargano, and crew don't saunter into the arena to goof on anyone. Jacobs has had enough of Davis as well (see EVOLVE 3 DVD). Note to Jimmy Jacobs, listen to some DEATH METAL! Emo rock sucks!

Battle For 3
Sami Callihan (2-0) vs. Drake Younger (2-0)-@ EVOLVE 4 I was looking forward to Lee vs Moxley it was gonna be brutal, it was gonna be painful, it ended up in a DOUBLE DQ? I was not a happy camper. Now let's look at the two combatants in this match. Younger is all business. Watch his match against Moxley from EVOLVE 3. Sami is a pit bull dog, he will keep coming at you, until you can take no more. I don't know if these two have any issues against one another, but I guarantee you if one of them loses to the other, there will be.

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

8/8/10 "Do It Right This Time!"

The thought that TNA was going to bring back Extreme Wrestling hasn't sat well with me. Its been done. Scratch that, its been done HORRIBLY by the people up north in 2006. 2005 doesn't count because it was a one shot deal, and it was a great show. Fast forward to 2010, I just finished reading an interview with Tommy Dreamer over at SLAM SPORTS His motivation is the same-he wants to celebrate the legacy of ECW, and he wants to give back as well. 

You wanna really give back than please have an independant wrestler show up during your match. Have Jimmy Jacobs sit in the crowd (wearing an EVOLVE T Shirt) After Dreamer's match is over and he is being interviewed by Jeremy Borash, have Jacobs stand and pretend to clap. Have Dreamer pretend to break character and yell at Jacobs "what the hell are you doing here". Have them get into an arguement have Jacobs get in the ring and repeat his promo from EVOLVE 1. This shouldn't take 20 min it should be done at a rapid fire pace, and the announcers shouldn't talk over it. If Dixie wants to get involved fine, but she needs to be slapped by Jacobs. Have a few other indy wrestlers be with Jacobs. The reason I chose Jacobs is because of the promo he cut on Dreamer.

If all this sounds a bit too familiar it is. Remember when ECW was at a WWE PPV? The old ECW was about unpredictability and great wrestling, and paving the way for new stars. THAT'S EXTREME! THAT'S HARDCORE! THAT IS/WAS ECW  (at least to me)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Armchair Bookers LTD-Saving Samoa Joe from TNA Mediocrity

Once an unstoppable machine, who beat opponents into next year, Samoa Joe is languishing in TNA. My question to the faithful. If you had the chance how would YOU present Joe. I await your replies.

This post is not a slam against Samoa Joe. The guy came in with a ton of heat, but TNA had no clue what to do with him. Had he gone to WWE would he have been given the UMAGA gimmick? If he jumps ship now, how would WWE use him? So many questions, so few answers.

How would I do it, I would plant a story that Joe quit TNA out of frustration, and I would let him loose on the indy scene, all the while WWE would be keeping an eye on him. I would have him beat "jobbers" right, left, and sideways. I would have him cross paths with Bobby Fish, and any up and rising talents. I would have Joe go on a recruiting mission. His group would be called "The Independants".  He would use the group to raise hell on the indy scene, and openly mock Nexus and NXT accusing "the bigs" of raping the indy scene because they have no ideas of their own. Nexus members would then be seen at indy shows that Joe works. He would mock them, and dare them to come into the ring.....this is where I run out of ideas-if you can finish this scenario have at it.

"The Independants" idea is not new. I had it for another wrestler (Johnny Gargano) but since he is busy I am gonna use it for Joe.