Monday, October 31, 2011

Interview with Former American Gladiator, Beth “Venom” Horn

Not only did I get a chance to hang with the ripped and ravenous Fury – but I also got to chill out with the tall, lean and sensual Beth “Venom” Horn. When you look at the show and peep out her promo pics, she looks like the type of chick that will lay you out with dropkick to the jugular and then put you to sleep with an illegal LAPD choke hold. But when you actually get the chance to sit down and talk with this bodacious blonde bombshell, you realize that she’s just the type of girl who wants to cuddle up with you and make it a Blockbuster night. He electric smile is so deceiving that I never once thought that she’d have the ability to twist my head off my neck like a bottle cap. Either way – enjoy this video as we get to know Venom a little better.

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Interview with Former American Gladiator, Jamie “Fury” Kovac

Had a chance to meet and hang out with former American Gladiator, Jamie “Fury” Kovac. This chick is ripped and a natural born ass-kicker! Guess that’s why she had to marry a pro hockey player – to either keep her in line or atleast give her some kind of challenge. Jamie is a local New Jersey girl, and we’ve been talking about shooting some more videos in the near future. Videos will probably be of her working out and showing of her freakish strength and athletic ability. For now, check out this video and get to know her a little better!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mo Sexton vs. Jason Static

Northeast indy stars Mo Sexton and Jason Static mixed it up in an electrifying exhibition at the New Horizons Pro Wrestling event in Boonton, NJ on June 20th.

Unfortunately for NHPW, the afternoon event barely drew an audience. But regardless of the lack of spectators, both Sexton and Static fought tooth and nail with intense determination. Neither of the competitor’s objectives were to entertain a crowd, but rather to fight and walk away victorious.

Click here to see the match highlights:

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Roxxie Cotton vs. Kylie Pierce

Northeast sirens Roxxie Cotton and Kylie Pierce set the ring ablaze on June 20th in Boonton, NJ at the New Horizons Pro Wresling event.

The unrelenting vixxens clashed head on in a twisted competition of chain wrestling and ego. This was far from an ordinary diva showcase pitting sultry sex symbols rolling on the mat like a cheap late night softcore Cinemax parody. To simply sum it up…these bitches were BRAWLING!

Click here to see the match highlights

Shot and Chopped by Derek Gordon
A DieHard Wrestling Production

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MMA Expo Presents Bill Grant’s Bodybuilding, Fitness and Bikini Contest

There was a cluster of events at the MMA Expo, but one of the few standouts was the Bill Grant Classic Bodybuilding, Fitness and Bikini Contest. For those who don't know, former WWE diva and TNA Knockout Jackie Haas won the female fitness and bodybuilding competition. That video was posted here a few weeks ago so make sure you go back and check it out.

But it's Friday! The start of the weekend! Why the hell would I want to show you a bunch of girls ripped like shredded wheat? Why would you want to see a bunch of dudes in speedos flexing their abs and biceps? Why the hell do you think that good 'ol DH (DieHard, for you ja-brones who can’t put two and two together) would ruin your Friday festivities by gut wrenching you with some nasty chicks who are literally nothing but skin and bones.Yeah, I said it!

So to start your Friday off right – here’s the express line to the thick and healthy Bikini Contest. Definitely some tasty material. You can thank me later!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Long Time No Blog-10/27/11-Bobby Roode Is Screwed!

I haven't actually sat down to write anything, in a long time. I'd like to thank Derek at DieHardProWrestling for providing content. Today I had to write something about the Bobby Roode situation in TNA.

Bobby Roode got a great push in the Bound For Glory series. He came from behind to win the whole thing only to come up SHORT at the main against Kurt Angle. Call me a jaded old fart, but if you're gonna push a guy/gal to the moon, where's the pay off?

Anyhow HOGNA (yes HOGNA not Hogan) turned face, and that overshadowed the main of BFG, and Roode's story ended there or so we thought. The week after that James Storm wins the title from Angle, and today we find out that: ".....Bobby Roode turned heel and defeated James Storm at the Impact tapings."

Why break up one of the best tag teams you have? Hell why break up the ONLY tag team you have?

Alternate Booking Scenario
1. Everything up to BFG main event b/ween Angle and Roode stays the same.
2. BFG-main event Roode gets put in ankle lock and blacks out from the pain
3. Roode is in "no condition to compete" match is given to Storm on TNA impact....Roode watches from the sidelines with a "broken ankle". Storm wins the belt. Roode although ecstatic wants his rematch and will rehab his way back.
4. Storm has a nice title reign, taking on all comers Roode is his cornerman, with Roode's help he wins every match. Storm keeps promising Roode a match once he gets better.
5. Meanwhile Storm is pulling double duty with the tag belts and the world title belt (assuming Beer Money still has the belts, b/c I don't watch enough Impact to care!) he reforms AMW with Chris Harris. (or anyone else if Harris isn't available)  Roode wonders if Storm can handle being TNA champ and TNA tag team champ. He even talks to Storm about this. Storm brushes him. We see the first real signs of dissention b/ween the two.
6. Storm loses the belt at Slamniversary to.....KURT ANGLE! Roode is pissed and THEN turns heel
" asshole, I carried you throughout all those matches, now you lost the belt to the one guy who will NEVER give me a rematch?" Storm defends the tag belts the same night and Roode costs him those titles too.
7. Next week on Impact Roode wants his shot at Angle. "You never beat me! I blacked out you chickens***!" Angle says "Ok, BFG is coming up you did it once, let's see if you could do it again!" Roode agrees because he has no choice. The final match at the BFG series is Roode vs.  Storm. Roode wins AGAIN.
8. At BFG 2012 Roode beats Angle for the title.

Back to reality. Instead of a compelling program we will get more of the same shit. Karen Jarrett and her shrew act, and feel good moments b/ween Sting and Dixie Carter.....and of course HOGNA!

No Thanks!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Video Highlights of Jackie Haas Winning Fitness Competition

Call me crazy – but I’m not big on having my women “crazy fit”. I like thickness. I like full figured women. I like women who like to have fun rather than being a gym rat, drinking water all day and eating shit that taste like cardboard. But that’s just me.

So, you remember former WWE diva and former TNA knockout Jackie Gayda-Haas? (Yes – wife of Charlie Haas). Well – now that the wrestling biz is behind her, her new career focus has been competitive bodybuilding.

Yeah – toned is okay, but at the same time there’s nothing sexy about being a tanned bag of bones and skinnier than a hungry Ethiopian. Regardless of your taste – here’s the former wrestling personality winning first place at the recent Bill Grant Fitness Classic in Atlantic City.

***For anyone interested – I also have some GREAT footage of the Bikini Competition!!!***

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The RAW Deal - 10.25.11

Every week, resident pro wrestling columnist "DieHard Derek" will analyze WWE's Monday Night RAW programming from a creative standpoint and discuss its overall effectiveness as a pseudo-sport product. No punches will be held as DieHard offers his 20 years industry experience to give wrestling fans, The RAW Deal!

To discuss pro wrestling and interact with DieHard Derek on a daily basis, follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

The RAW Deal for the 10/24/11 Episode.

How many times has Triple H used the sledge hammer on his opponents??? And now all of a sudden he take a little bump to the back and he's in critical condition???....Somebody should tell creative to watch some old tapes of Triple H before they write this new shit... It's too obvious that the creative team isn't composed of wrestling fans.....

I'm digging the Kevin Nash "invasion" angle, and in all honesty - it's WORKING! This is how you need to build a monster heel....Too bad he's not 20 years younger....

Does it bother anyone else that Randy Orton is a 9-time world champion? Don't get me wrong - I think he's one of the top three in business right now and he is truly at the top of his game. But he's still so young and has such a long future ahead of him. Why cram all of his achievements this early in his career. How long did it take guys like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, etc. to become a multiple time champion? For Randy, this is too much, too soon. He'd be better off winning the title and having a year long reign rather than winning, dropping, winning, dropping, winning, dropping so often. It devalues the title and holds truth to Vince Russo's haunting statement that the championship title is nothing but a prop in the story.

Speaking of titles, I still get excited seeing Cody Rhodes wearing the "classic" variation of the Intercontinental title. I understand the concept of changing the style of the strap - especially for merchandising purpose. But when you look at the classic design - you can't help but think back to all the greats who wore that style around their waist - Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, HonkyTonk Man, Ultimate Warrior, Curt Henning, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Rick Rude, Roddy Piper...and the list goes on. I think there is more pride wearing a title worn by iconic legends rather than a new title with no value or history.

Talk to me people - are you digging Alberto Del Rio as your WWE Champion? is he worthy of being champion? Is he effective as champion? Or is this another case of the WWE force feeding the fans somebody they want to get over by putting the title on them and thrusting them into main event status. Don;t we all remember what happened to Wade Barrett? The problem here is that the WWE aren't even pushing Del Rio for the right reasons. Sure he's a talented athlete - but putting your top strap on a guy so you can sell out arenas during your tour of Mexico and because it is convinient bait to lure in his uncle Mil Mascaras into a Hall of Fame induction doesn't translate into good match and good TV. Del Rio walked into the WWE as a main eventer - but I don;t recall the fans inviting him to be one or earning the position he currently holds. I'm not saying he doesn't have the tools to be there now - I just don;t think he has the effectiveness to be there yet.

I applaud the WWE for attempting to bring back the concept of stables - but they're botching it! Again, the writers need to go back and watch old tapes to see how it worked effectively. First of all - Vickie Guerrero is NOT an effective manager and she has no idea how to manage a stable. the concept of a stable was that the manager had signed the best heel talent to pose threats and compete against the champions. What made the Heenan family work was a bunch of contenders who could individually hold their own, yet were served as power by numbers when needed. they didn't always travel together or sit ringside for each others matches. There is no need for Jack Swagger to escort Dolph Ziggler to all his matches and then interfere in them - especially when Ziggler is competing against a higher level jobber like Santino. You are making Ziggler seem weak as if he is incapable of holding his own weight int he ring. Jobbers should be easily squashed to give the perception that the champion could be in trouble when they meet. The concept of the stable is that when one fails to dethrone the champion - there are other mercenaries waiting for their time to be called into action. Watch old tapes of The Heenan Family and see why it worked so well - and why the stable is the legendary benchmark for how it should be done.

Is there any chance that we'll see an Undertaker presence for next week's Halloween themed RAW? Even if he doesn't appear - isn't it about time that we starting thinking about who his Wrestlemania opponent will be as strives for 20-0? Now that we're on the subject - who infact would be a worthy opponent? Will this be the year that Taker announces his retirement? Is 20 Mania victories what he wants before he calls it a career? Who would be the ideal final opponent? Who poses the biggest threat? Who has a history with Taker strong enough to bid for a Mania match? Who can outperform what Taker has done the last three years with Shawn Michaels and Triple H? Who is YOUR pick?

Just an FYI - Mason Ryan is waaaaaaaay to green to go over on Dolph Ziggler for the US Title. Granted, there isn't much value to that strap - but Ziggler is doing his best to earn a main event spot and make his title defenses meaningful. The problem is thatthe contenders for that title are all weak. There is a better way to build the strap and perhaps it's to have some more veterans chase after it. Remember when the title was in WCW? Guys who held the belt made it more valuable because of the waist it was around. Rick Rude, Steve Austin, Lex Luger, Tully Blanchard, etc. Mason Ryan is nowhere near any title deserving status. This is just another case of "let's put a title on the guy to get him over"....another example of why pro wrestling is failing today.

You gotta give it up to CM Punk and his "respect" promo on RAW. Yeah, Punk has tremendous ring skills and he has the gift of gab. Too bad he's an irritating douchebag in real life. But his shoot promos are directed to the internet fans who hit the dirstsheets and websites to get the behind the scenes scoops. So when he makes a real life remark in the animated world of the WWE - the "smart marks" respond with the "Oooooh! I can't believe he said that!" - and then they lean over and try to explain the meaning to the person they're sitting next to who is only there to watch the show and doesn't get the "inside jab". In this day and technological age - does it make sense to cater to the fans who scour the internet looking for backstage dirt and spoilers? If so, then shouldn't the whole company follow in suit? Didn't it work in ECW?... The original under Paul E. - not the WWE abortion.

You also gotta feel bad for Zack Ryder who got shafted (AGAIN) on RAW. But for all those out there who think Ryder is getting passed on - let me point out that he's already OVER with the fans. And the endorsements he gets from the broadcast team and John Cena are paving the way for him to become a mega star. I wouldn't be surprised if Ryder continues to get buried for another year or two and then finally has his break out year once the "Jersey Shore" trend wears off. Ride the wave Zack - you're time is coming!

I'm an advocate of pushing other names on the roster for title shots. It's the circle of life. I get it. But if John Cena isn't currently in the title picture so that he can focus on his money making showdown with The Rock - then why is he still the main event on RAW? Shouldn't the champion close the show? I understand that they wanted the big Survivor Series announcement to close the show - but at the same time we're making one man (or in this case two) more important than having your eye on the prize. The Rock is nothing more than a special attraction. You're heavyweight title is your flagship. When The Rock is gone and forgotten - the title will still be there...just with less value or interest.

Speaking of Survivor Series, is anyone else disappointed that WWE is NOT going with their originally planned traditional 5 vs. 5 elimination match? Expectations had co-captains Rock and Cena leading Punk, Triple H and another against co-captains Del-Rio and Nash leading Miz, Truth and another. now it appears as plans have changed and the card will now be Punk vs. Del Rio; Rock/Cena vs. Miz/Truth; and Nash vs. Triple H. Personally, I think it's a mistake. Going back to the old school Survicor Series tradition would have given the fans a small taste of what to expect for big WrestleMania matches and started the kick off for a 5 month build up. But now - WWE is rushing into the matches and giving it away prematurely. So if you blow your load at Survivor Series in November - what the hell are going to do for the Royal Rumble in January and then for Wrestlemania in April? WWE creative has limited sight. The don;t book for the big picture. They only book as far as tomorrow. And THIS is why creatively, they are a failure.

Can you dig it?

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Interview with UFC Hall of Famer, Dan “The Beast” Severn

You may have heard the “legend” of the man in the UFC that they call “The Beast”. Back in the day (early 90′s) when the UFC was in its infancy, there were a handful of household names that the common sports fan would refer to as the founding fathers of ultimate fighting. Ken Shamrock, Royce Gracie, Tank Abbott, Paul Varelans, and of course – the man himself, Dan “The Beast” Severn.

At 53 years of age, the UFC Hall of Famer is still taking challenges in the cage and wiping the mats with their face. Upon meeting Dan, you’ll may think it’s a jacked up version of Tom Selleck as Magnum PI. His size intimidates even those who are larger and more muscular. The man is literally built like a military tank. For man of this size and stature, and who paved the way for such barbaric physical combat – he’s nothing more than a gentle giant…of course pending on what voice you happen to be talking to that day!

In this interview, DieHard Derek gets the chance to sit down with Dan and discuss his career and how the sport of MMA has evolved since the early days when he was headlining the top UFC and MMA events in the world.

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