Thursday, December 29, 2011

Face Off Volume 13-A Funkin Dream

Available now at Face Off 13 is a joint interview with Tommy Dreamer and his mentor Terry Funk. The DVD is 2.5 hrs long and in it these two "wrestling minds" comment on a variety of subjects including.

When the both of you started with ECW, how far did you think it would go?

Do you think a long feud could work in wrestling today?

Both of your thoughts on the CM Punk angle from July?

When people think "shoot interview" they probably think 'oh its some bitter wrestler airing dirty laundry.' Far from it. This DVD is an education. More importantly it shows the "respect" these two have for one another and the business itself. A must have for any wrestling fan.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trips vs. Nash-Ladder Match?

Okay the big joke on the internet
is the upcoming match b/ween Kevin Nash and HHH.

It would be one thing if it was just a match,
but its a ladder match. The jokes are flying left, right, and sideways.

Its just the internet crowd, they don't matter to the WWE Universe.

Well since its almost expected to throw oldster jokes at Kevin Nash
and spew hatred at HHH, I am going to theorize what might happen.

I don't think either HHH or Kevin Nash will climb a ladder, jump off it
or do what ever crazy stuff goes on in a ladder match. Use it as a weapon

I think someone else is going to climb that ladder and give the sledge
hammer to ??? to take out ???, and reform the nWo right before our very eyes.

This of course will happen after the obligatory ref bump.

These two are smart. They know how to work a crowd, they know how to get them
to react. If you guys saw the match that Nash had with Santino, you saw a classic
squash, with Nash loooking more menacing than ever before.

No other match has me as intriged as this one, no amount of hype for anything
that will be offerred on the TLC PPV comes close.

So if you guys wanna keep hurling jokes, go ahead. This is about as old school
as its gonna get.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Interview with former WWE Ring Announcer, Lauren Mayhew

I had the chance to sit down and talk to former WWE ring announcer Lauren Mayhew at the recent MMA Expo in Atlantic City, NJ.

Lauren is a talented actress who has starred in the films "Raise Your Voice", opposite Hilary Duff, and the direct to DVD sequel to the popular American Pie franchise, "Band Camp".

As an accomplished pop singer, Lauren has opened for the likes of Destiny's Child, N'sync and Britney Spears.

In this interview, she discusses her career, inspirations, her run as a WWE announcer and much more! Be sure to check out her hit single "I Spy" available now on iTunes.

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Video Highlights - Former WWE/TNA Star, Jackie Gayda-Haas Wins First Place in Fitness Competition

Call me crazy - but I'm not big on having my women "crazy fit". I like thickness. I like full figured women. I like women who like to have fun rather than being a gym rat, drinking water all day and eating shit that taste like cardboard. But that's just me.

So, you remember former WWE diva and former TNA knockout Jackie Gayda-Haas? (Yes - wife of Charlie Haas). Well - now that the wrestling biz is behind her, her new career focus has been competitive bodybuilding.

Yeah - toned is okay, but at the same time there's nothing sexy about being a tanned bag of bones and skinnier than a hungry Ethiopian. Regardless of your taste - here's the former wrestling personality winning first place at the recent Bill Grant Fitness Classic in Atlantic City.

***For anyone interested - I also have some GREAT footage of the Bikini Competition!!!

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Interview with WWE Diva Trish Stratus

Former WWE diva and 7-time women’s champion Trish Stratus discusses her thoughts on the WWE retiring the historic women’s title, her opinion on the current state of women’s wrestling, comparing WWE’s Diva division to TNA’s Knockouts and why she never bared it all for the pages of Playboy!

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Interview with Former WWE Diva, Women's Champion, Go-Daddy Girl and Playboy Cover Girl - CANDICE MICHELLE

"DieHard" Derek Gordon sits down for a one on one with former WWE Diva Candice Michelle to discuss her career, her opinion on the state of woman's wrestling, her backstage problems with Melina and more!

It's not everyday that you get to chat it up with a sexy lady whose bared it all for the sticky pages of Playboy magazine. It kind of gives a double-meaning to Derek's nickname, "DieHard"!!!

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Kurt Angle's Ultimate Teen Challenge

Pro Wrestling superstar Kurt Angle joined the MMA Sports Expo in Atlantic City , NJ to host his new project, Kurt Angle's Ultimate Teen Challenge, and to promote his new line nutritional meals under the banner Angle Foods. Here are some highlights of Kurt coaching these kids through the fitness trials.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Remembering Chris Candido

Remembering Chris Candido from DieHard Wrestling on Vimeo.

Celebrate the career of Chris Candido in this special video tribute produced for his June 2005 NWA Cyberspace memorial show – No Gimmicks Needed. Hear stars such as Matt Striker, Tracy Brooks, Rodney Mack, Slyck Wagner Brown and many others reflect on his career, contributions and influence in the industry.

I’ll never forget talking to Chris Candido and telling him that my partner, Billy Firehawk, was thinking about opening a wrestling school in New Jersey and we had wanted him to be the head trainer…. I’ll never forget the infamous match that we put together between Chris Candido and Matt Striker that blew the roof off the house…. I’ll never forget writing my next show where I was planning on giving Chris Candido a push to one of our titles and starting a faction – only to get a phone call from Chris telling me he broke his leg at a TNA taping…. I’ll never forget having to rewrite the show and figure out how to keep his momentum going before he was able to wrestle again…. I’ll never forget the phone call I got telling me Chris Candido had passed away….. I’ll never forget changing the plans and writing the next show as Chris Candido Memorial Show called “No Gimmicks Needed”…. And on that night, we filmed this video where some of the locker room shared their memories of Chris in agreement that we’ll never forget Chris Candido.

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Kurt Angle’s Ultimate Teen Challenge

Former WWE & TNA superstar Kurt Angle was on hand at the MMA Sports Expo in Atlantic City, NJ to host his (annual?) Ultimate Teen Challenge. While the MMA Expo itself was far from an overwhelming success, Kurt's interest and integrity in helping the kids in the competition were second to none.

Angle was also on hand to promote his recent venture, Angle Foods - which is a custom line of gourmet and performance meals for the die hard athlete in you!

Check out the exclusive video highlights Shot, Chopped and Directed by "DieHard" Derek Gordon

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36 Minute Interview with Diamond Dallas Page

Whenever I get the chance to hang out with my buddy Diamond Dallas Page – you can bet that the time limit will exceed the length of any normal interview. It’s been a while since I had the chance to see Diamond Dallas Page in person and while we remain in contact, I always find myself amazed at his motivation and dedication to stay active and take on a slew of new projects while finding time to help others and make a difference in the lives he touches.

In the first part of this interview, Page discusses his recent projects and some of the inspirational stories of how he’s been a part of some of his fans physical life changing experiences.

This video sponsored in part by Five Towns Real Estate & Nassau County Rentals

Part two of our sit down covers some highlights of the twilight of his career, but we also spend time talking about the death of his close personal friend Chris Kanyon, the failed WCW Invasion angle and some insight on some of the new stars of this wrestling generation such as Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton. Now it’s time for you to feel the bang!

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A.M.i.L. VS. Thrillogy VS. Halls Bros. VS. Dan Barry & Ken Scampi(NWA Cyberspace 2005)

AMIL (All Money Is Legal) was truly one of my favorite tag teams to work with while booking for NWA Cyberspace. Not only did they provide some of the best high flying tag team action on the indy circuit - but their dedication to entertaining the fans was second to none. If we ever found ourselves in a creative jam, AMIL was one of those teams that we could depend on to give the fans what they paid to see.

In this video - you'll see AMIL in action, in what I had booked as a four corner tag team match.

We were having trouble finding new teams that could compete and draw with our tag team champions. We sent our scout to local indy shows, had him review tapes and do some online research to find teams that had the skill but who were also not overbooked in the same area that we ran in. I had gotten several recommendations of a group of young new talents looking to get booked in a territory where they would be more exposure to their work. I had liked what I had seen but then the creative devil popped his head in to offer an opinion or two.

All of the teams consisted of smaller guys - and when I say smaller, I'm saying smaller than you're average lightweight. Their look also didn't have anything that screamed "Book Me"! Regardless of their work - i was concerned about how they would draw and if the fans would quickly lose interest for the simple yet most common reason - they didn't look like wrestlers. Then again, times were changing and I couldn't be so closed minded in literally judging a book by its cover.

Rather than spreading out the auditions and filling a card with newbie matches - I decided to book to a four corner tag match. Now some critics called it a clusterfuck of a match - which the match in itself was anything but. But the critics out there who have never spent a day of their life in the business, (nonetheless running a wrestling promotion) thought the concept of a four corner tag team match was ludicrous since there was no real purpose to the match. This is where business and creative come clashing in. So let me share with you the thought process of the booker/promoter.

As I mentioned before, I needed more teams. The title was being bounced around from the sizable team The Solution to TNA's tag champions America's Most Wanted ('Wildcat' Chris Harris & 'Cowboy' James Storm). Not only could I NOT book an entire show filled with tag team squash matches, built it also gave me an opportunity to see how these teams work against each other. Did the match serve and purpose creatively? Absolutely not. But did it make sense for me to sacrifice ONE spot on the card to see the teams at work with each other so that i can plan out the future? Abso-fuckin-lutely!

Nevertheless, A.M.i.L showed me their hearts were bigger than there actual size. The Hall Brothers showed me they could have easily built themselves as tribute to The Rockers. Thrillogy proved to me that as good as they were as a team - they might be better off as singles competitors. And of course - Ken Scampi and Dan Barry proved that they were true veterans who were able to carry the match and give me a real account of how the workers performed in the ring.

You want to know the mentality of the booker? Well, here it is! Not everything you see in the ring is designed for entertainment purposes. Real bookers/promoters who only get to produce one show a month with limited resources have to go about their "business" in different fashions in order to analyze the results. So before you attempt to take a big wet shit on independent creative, try looking at the bigger picture. And instead of watching a match to attack the booker - how about watching the match for the sake of the match?

Here comes the attack on "DieHard" Derek, who is notorious for attacking WWE and TNA creative...Wait for it... Wait for it...

The difference between me and them is simple - I'm JUST me. And they are THEM - with large financial backing, private studios, training facilities, weekly programming, PPVs, multi-million dollar marketing machine and a shitload of television time to explain their storylines and get their talent over. Give me those tools and I promise to shake up the wrestling world. Until that day, here's my middle finger. Sit on it and spin!

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Interview with Former American Gladiator, Beth “Venom” Horn

Not only did I get a chance to hang with the ripped and ravenous Fury – but I also got to chill out with the tall, lean and sensual Beth “Venom” Horn. When you look at the show and peep out her promo pics, she looks like the type of chick that will lay you out with dropkick to the jugular and then put you to sleep with an illegal LAPD choke hold. But when you actually get the chance to sit down and talk with this bodacious blonde bombshell, you realize that she’s just the type of girl who wants to cuddle up with you and make it a Blockbuster night. He electric smile is so deceiving that I never once thought that she’d have the ability to twist my head off my neck like a bottle cap. Either way – enjoy this video as we get to know Venom a little better.

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Interview with Former American Gladiator, Jamie “Fury” Kovac

Had a chance to meet and hang out with former American Gladiator, Jamie “Fury” Kovac. This chick is ripped and a natural born ass-kicker! Guess that’s why she had to marry a pro hockey player – to either keep her in line or atleast give her some kind of challenge. Jamie is a local New Jersey girl, and we’ve been talking about shooting some more videos in the near future. Videos will probably be of her working out and showing of her freakish strength and athletic ability. For now, check out this video and get to know her a little better!

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mo Sexton vs. Jason Static

Northeast indy stars Mo Sexton and Jason Static mixed it up in an electrifying exhibition at the New Horizons Pro Wrestling event in Boonton, NJ on June 20th.

Unfortunately for NHPW, the afternoon event barely drew an audience. But regardless of the lack of spectators, both Sexton and Static fought tooth and nail with intense determination. Neither of the competitor’s objectives were to entertain a crowd, but rather to fight and walk away victorious.

Click here to see the match highlights:

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Roxxie Cotton vs. Kylie Pierce

Northeast sirens Roxxie Cotton and Kylie Pierce set the ring ablaze on June 20th in Boonton, NJ at the New Horizons Pro Wresling event.

The unrelenting vixxens clashed head on in a twisted competition of chain wrestling and ego. This was far from an ordinary diva showcase pitting sultry sex symbols rolling on the mat like a cheap late night softcore Cinemax parody. To simply sum it up…these bitches were BRAWLING!

Click here to see the match highlights

Shot and Chopped by Derek Gordon
A DieHard Wrestling Production

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MMA Expo Presents Bill Grant’s Bodybuilding, Fitness and Bikini Contest

There was a cluster of events at the MMA Expo, but one of the few standouts was the Bill Grant Classic Bodybuilding, Fitness and Bikini Contest. For those who don't know, former WWE diva and TNA Knockout Jackie Haas won the female fitness and bodybuilding competition. That video was posted here a few weeks ago so make sure you go back and check it out.

But it's Friday! The start of the weekend! Why the hell would I want to show you a bunch of girls ripped like shredded wheat? Why would you want to see a bunch of dudes in speedos flexing their abs and biceps? Why the hell do you think that good 'ol DH (DieHard, for you ja-brones who can’t put two and two together) would ruin your Friday festivities by gut wrenching you with some nasty chicks who are literally nothing but skin and bones.Yeah, I said it!

So to start your Friday off right – here’s the express line to the thick and healthy Bikini Contest. Definitely some tasty material. You can thank me later!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Long Time No Blog-10/27/11-Bobby Roode Is Screwed!

I haven't actually sat down to write anything, in a long time. I'd like to thank Derek at DieHardProWrestling for providing content. Today I had to write something about the Bobby Roode situation in TNA.

Bobby Roode got a great push in the Bound For Glory series. He came from behind to win the whole thing only to come up SHORT at the main against Kurt Angle. Call me a jaded old fart, but if you're gonna push a guy/gal to the moon, where's the pay off?

Anyhow HOGNA (yes HOGNA not Hogan) turned face, and that overshadowed the main of BFG, and Roode's story ended there or so we thought. The week after that James Storm wins the title from Angle, and today we find out that: ".....Bobby Roode turned heel and defeated James Storm at the Impact tapings."

Why break up one of the best tag teams you have? Hell why break up the ONLY tag team you have?

Alternate Booking Scenario
1. Everything up to BFG main event b/ween Angle and Roode stays the same.
2. BFG-main event Roode gets put in ankle lock and blacks out from the pain
3. Roode is in "no condition to compete" match is given to Storm on TNA impact....Roode watches from the sidelines with a "broken ankle". Storm wins the belt. Roode although ecstatic wants his rematch and will rehab his way back.
4. Storm has a nice title reign, taking on all comers Roode is his cornerman, with Roode's help he wins every match. Storm keeps promising Roode a match once he gets better.
5. Meanwhile Storm is pulling double duty with the tag belts and the world title belt (assuming Beer Money still has the belts, b/c I don't watch enough Impact to care!) he reforms AMW with Chris Harris. (or anyone else if Harris isn't available)  Roode wonders if Storm can handle being TNA champ and TNA tag team champ. He even talks to Storm about this. Storm brushes him. We see the first real signs of dissention b/ween the two.
6. Storm loses the belt at Slamniversary to.....KURT ANGLE! Roode is pissed and THEN turns heel
" asshole, I carried you throughout all those matches, now you lost the belt to the one guy who will NEVER give me a rematch?" Storm defends the tag belts the same night and Roode costs him those titles too.
7. Next week on Impact Roode wants his shot at Angle. "You never beat me! I blacked out you chickens***!" Angle says "Ok, BFG is coming up you did it once, let's see if you could do it again!" Roode agrees because he has no choice. The final match at the BFG series is Roode vs.  Storm. Roode wins AGAIN.
8. At BFG 2012 Roode beats Angle for the title.

Back to reality. Instead of a compelling program we will get more of the same shit. Karen Jarrett and her shrew act, and feel good moments b/ween Sting and Dixie Carter.....and of course HOGNA!

No Thanks!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Video Highlights of Jackie Haas Winning Fitness Competition

Call me crazy – but I’m not big on having my women “crazy fit”. I like thickness. I like full figured women. I like women who like to have fun rather than being a gym rat, drinking water all day and eating shit that taste like cardboard. But that’s just me.

So, you remember former WWE diva and former TNA knockout Jackie Gayda-Haas? (Yes – wife of Charlie Haas). Well – now that the wrestling biz is behind her, her new career focus has been competitive bodybuilding.

Yeah – toned is okay, but at the same time there’s nothing sexy about being a tanned bag of bones and skinnier than a hungry Ethiopian. Regardless of your taste – here’s the former wrestling personality winning first place at the recent Bill Grant Fitness Classic in Atlantic City.

***For anyone interested – I also have some GREAT footage of the Bikini Competition!!!***

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The RAW Deal - 10.25.11

Every week, resident pro wrestling columnist "DieHard Derek" will analyze WWE's Monday Night RAW programming from a creative standpoint and discuss its overall effectiveness as a pseudo-sport product. No punches will be held as DieHard offers his 20 years industry experience to give wrestling fans, The RAW Deal!

To discuss pro wrestling and interact with DieHard Derek on a daily basis, follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

The RAW Deal for the 10/24/11 Episode.

How many times has Triple H used the sledge hammer on his opponents??? And now all of a sudden he take a little bump to the back and he's in critical condition???....Somebody should tell creative to watch some old tapes of Triple H before they write this new shit... It's too obvious that the creative team isn't composed of wrestling fans.....

I'm digging the Kevin Nash "invasion" angle, and in all honesty - it's WORKING! This is how you need to build a monster heel....Too bad he's not 20 years younger....

Does it bother anyone else that Randy Orton is a 9-time world champion? Don't get me wrong - I think he's one of the top three in business right now and he is truly at the top of his game. But he's still so young and has such a long future ahead of him. Why cram all of his achievements this early in his career. How long did it take guys like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, etc. to become a multiple time champion? For Randy, this is too much, too soon. He'd be better off winning the title and having a year long reign rather than winning, dropping, winning, dropping, winning, dropping so often. It devalues the title and holds truth to Vince Russo's haunting statement that the championship title is nothing but a prop in the story.

Speaking of titles, I still get excited seeing Cody Rhodes wearing the "classic" variation of the Intercontinental title. I understand the concept of changing the style of the strap - especially for merchandising purpose. But when you look at the classic design - you can't help but think back to all the greats who wore that style around their waist - Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, HonkyTonk Man, Ultimate Warrior, Curt Henning, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Rick Rude, Roddy Piper...and the list goes on. I think there is more pride wearing a title worn by iconic legends rather than a new title with no value or history.

Talk to me people - are you digging Alberto Del Rio as your WWE Champion? is he worthy of being champion? Is he effective as champion? Or is this another case of the WWE force feeding the fans somebody they want to get over by putting the title on them and thrusting them into main event status. Don;t we all remember what happened to Wade Barrett? The problem here is that the WWE aren't even pushing Del Rio for the right reasons. Sure he's a talented athlete - but putting your top strap on a guy so you can sell out arenas during your tour of Mexico and because it is convinient bait to lure in his uncle Mil Mascaras into a Hall of Fame induction doesn't translate into good match and good TV. Del Rio walked into the WWE as a main eventer - but I don;t recall the fans inviting him to be one or earning the position he currently holds. I'm not saying he doesn't have the tools to be there now - I just don;t think he has the effectiveness to be there yet.

I applaud the WWE for attempting to bring back the concept of stables - but they're botching it! Again, the writers need to go back and watch old tapes to see how it worked effectively. First of all - Vickie Guerrero is NOT an effective manager and she has no idea how to manage a stable. the concept of a stable was that the manager had signed the best heel talent to pose threats and compete against the champions. What made the Heenan family work was a bunch of contenders who could individually hold their own, yet were served as power by numbers when needed. they didn't always travel together or sit ringside for each others matches. There is no need for Jack Swagger to escort Dolph Ziggler to all his matches and then interfere in them - especially when Ziggler is competing against a higher level jobber like Santino. You are making Ziggler seem weak as if he is incapable of holding his own weight int he ring. Jobbers should be easily squashed to give the perception that the champion could be in trouble when they meet. The concept of the stable is that when one fails to dethrone the champion - there are other mercenaries waiting for their time to be called into action. Watch old tapes of The Heenan Family and see why it worked so well - and why the stable is the legendary benchmark for how it should be done.

Is there any chance that we'll see an Undertaker presence for next week's Halloween themed RAW? Even if he doesn't appear - isn't it about time that we starting thinking about who his Wrestlemania opponent will be as strives for 20-0? Now that we're on the subject - who infact would be a worthy opponent? Will this be the year that Taker announces his retirement? Is 20 Mania victories what he wants before he calls it a career? Who would be the ideal final opponent? Who poses the biggest threat? Who has a history with Taker strong enough to bid for a Mania match? Who can outperform what Taker has done the last three years with Shawn Michaels and Triple H? Who is YOUR pick?

Just an FYI - Mason Ryan is waaaaaaaay to green to go over on Dolph Ziggler for the US Title. Granted, there isn't much value to that strap - but Ziggler is doing his best to earn a main event spot and make his title defenses meaningful. The problem is thatthe contenders for that title are all weak. There is a better way to build the strap and perhaps it's to have some more veterans chase after it. Remember when the title was in WCW? Guys who held the belt made it more valuable because of the waist it was around. Rick Rude, Steve Austin, Lex Luger, Tully Blanchard, etc. Mason Ryan is nowhere near any title deserving status. This is just another case of "let's put a title on the guy to get him over"....another example of why pro wrestling is failing today.

You gotta give it up to CM Punk and his "respect" promo on RAW. Yeah, Punk has tremendous ring skills and he has the gift of gab. Too bad he's an irritating douchebag in real life. But his shoot promos are directed to the internet fans who hit the dirstsheets and websites to get the behind the scenes scoops. So when he makes a real life remark in the animated world of the WWE - the "smart marks" respond with the "Oooooh! I can't believe he said that!" - and then they lean over and try to explain the meaning to the person they're sitting next to who is only there to watch the show and doesn't get the "inside jab". In this day and technological age - does it make sense to cater to the fans who scour the internet looking for backstage dirt and spoilers? If so, then shouldn't the whole company follow in suit? Didn't it work in ECW?... The original under Paul E. - not the WWE abortion.

You also gotta feel bad for Zack Ryder who got shafted (AGAIN) on RAW. But for all those out there who think Ryder is getting passed on - let me point out that he's already OVER with the fans. And the endorsements he gets from the broadcast team and John Cena are paving the way for him to become a mega star. I wouldn't be surprised if Ryder continues to get buried for another year or two and then finally has his break out year once the "Jersey Shore" trend wears off. Ride the wave Zack - you're time is coming!

I'm an advocate of pushing other names on the roster for title shots. It's the circle of life. I get it. But if John Cena isn't currently in the title picture so that he can focus on his money making showdown with The Rock - then why is he still the main event on RAW? Shouldn't the champion close the show? I understand that they wanted the big Survivor Series announcement to close the show - but at the same time we're making one man (or in this case two) more important than having your eye on the prize. The Rock is nothing more than a special attraction. You're heavyweight title is your flagship. When The Rock is gone and forgotten - the title will still be there...just with less value or interest.

Speaking of Survivor Series, is anyone else disappointed that WWE is NOT going with their originally planned traditional 5 vs. 5 elimination match? Expectations had co-captains Rock and Cena leading Punk, Triple H and another against co-captains Del-Rio and Nash leading Miz, Truth and another. now it appears as plans have changed and the card will now be Punk vs. Del Rio; Rock/Cena vs. Miz/Truth; and Nash vs. Triple H. Personally, I think it's a mistake. Going back to the old school Survicor Series tradition would have given the fans a small taste of what to expect for big WrestleMania matches and started the kick off for a 5 month build up. But now - WWE is rushing into the matches and giving it away prematurely. So if you blow your load at Survivor Series in November - what the hell are going to do for the Royal Rumble in January and then for Wrestlemania in April? WWE creative has limited sight. The don;t book for the big picture. They only book as far as tomorrow. And THIS is why creatively, they are a failure.

Can you dig it?

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Interview with UFC Hall of Famer, Dan “The Beast” Severn

You may have heard the “legend” of the man in the UFC that they call “The Beast”. Back in the day (early 90′s) when the UFC was in its infancy, there were a handful of household names that the common sports fan would refer to as the founding fathers of ultimate fighting. Ken Shamrock, Royce Gracie, Tank Abbott, Paul Varelans, and of course – the man himself, Dan “The Beast” Severn.

At 53 years of age, the UFC Hall of Famer is still taking challenges in the cage and wiping the mats with their face. Upon meeting Dan, you’ll may think it’s a jacked up version of Tom Selleck as Magnum PI. His size intimidates even those who are larger and more muscular. The man is literally built like a military tank. For man of this size and stature, and who paved the way for such barbaric physical combat – he’s nothing more than a gentle giant…of course pending on what voice you happen to be talking to that day!

In this interview, DieHard Derek gets the chance to sit down with Dan and discuss his career and how the sport of MMA has evolved since the early days when he was headlining the top UFC and MMA events in the world.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Interview with “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels

DieHard Pro Wrestling presents an exclusive interview with former TNA star and one of the “founding fathers” of Ring of Honor “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, conducted by “DieHard” Derek Gordon.

It’s absolutely mind boggling that Christopher Daniels is not performing on a main stream level any more. Sure Ring of Honor is one of the few elite when it comes to indy wrestling – but a talent with the caliber and experience that comes in the package deal of the Fallen Angel is something that any money hungry promoter can cash in on in an instant. Daniels has the pure ability to electrify a crowd and deliver a five star match with a broom stick. Bar none, he is arguably the hottest free agent on the market right now. Even with 17 years experience under his belt, some may challenge him by saying he’s past his prime. But Daniels is quick to prove them wrong by showing them that he only gets better with age. No doubt about it, Christopher Daniels belongs in the WWE…RIGHT NOW!

In this interview, Daniels discusses his thoughts on the state of indy wrestling, talent that should be signed by WWE and TNA, his influences, and some “best of the best” rapid fire questions.

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Interview with Shawn Daivari

DieHard Pro Wrestling presents an exclusive interview with former WWE and TNA star Shawn Daivari, conducted by “DieHard” Derek Gordon.

Daivari discuss his time in WWE and TNA, as well as his thoughts on the current state of indy wrestling, how he managed to make a living as one of the smaller guys in the business and what lead to his release from TNA.

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Interview with Former WWE/ECW Announcer, Lauren Mayhew

Lauren May-who???….Lauren Mayhew!!! Don’t you remember her as the fill in ring announcer for the ill fated WWE version of ECW?….Neither do I. Probably because WWE’s version of ECW was a big steamy pile of doo-doo. But chuck a mic into the hands of a hottie like Lauren, and I might start watching!

What’s that you say? WWE’s ECW no longer exists? Like we didn’t see that one coming. But then, what happened to Lauren? Luckily she jumped ship right before it sank. Jumped ship as in going to TNA? No, she jumped off the wrestling ship. No sense in jumping from ECW to TNA where not only is the ship sinking, but it’s also on fire and being driven right into the iceberg.

Anywho – Lauren is good looking young prospect who has already earned fame and accolades as an accomplished singer and actress. She’s appeared in the direct-to-DVD spinoff of the American Pie franchise BAND CAMP – (hmm, makes me wonder if she’s ever done any kinky exploring with a flute) – and was also the arch nemesis of Hilary Duff in Raise Your Voice. Lauren also has some hit singles on Itunes and has opened for acts like Destiny’s Child.

So what the hell is her interview doing here on Sports Fan Promotions?

Well – she is a former WWE/ECW announcer…even though it only lasted a month. And, when I interviewed her, we were both at the MMA Sports Expo. Why was she there? I have absolutely no idea. Ask the dumbass promoter who booked her. Check out the interview below and a sample of this hot chicks pipes as she sings the national anthem!

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Friday, September 9, 2011

This Tony Atlas Interview Is “The Drizzling Shits”!!!

How many backstage legends have you ever heard?…Let me clarify that – I’m not asking if you ever heard of a “legend”, I’m asking about the backstage locker room stories that have escaped the inner circles and become legend. Yet those campfire stories are difficult to prove unless you were there to witness it or heard it from a trusted sources who has seen it themselves. Truth be told, backstage rumors spread like wildfire. Lord only knows I have a few of my own.

But on the flip side of that coin, there are plenty of stories that have been openly shared with the public – most of them dealing with sexual encounters, flings, ring rats, etc. How many times are you going to listen to Missy Hyatt talk about the size of Val Venis’ penis? How many times is Tammy “Sunny” Sytch going to be asked her year long affair with Shawn Michaels when she was supposedly tagged ‘The Clique Chick”? Ever hear the stories about that ECW skank Miss Patricia and what the boys did to her when she was leaving the company?

The stories go on and on, but yet no one has ever been witness to such an event. Now I’m not saying that what you are about to see belongs on TMZ or can be sold like a glow in the dark Paris Hilton sex tape. But you at least get the sense that all the stories you’ve heard about Tony Atlas’ foot fetish are true.

Mr. Black Superman himself shows the world that he indeed has a face of steel, as he allows women to literally stand on his face for his arousal. For his personal collection, he also likes photographs of women’s feet in shoes. Now don’t get me wrong – I’m all about having a women all over me and I’d consider myself an advanced expert on the anatomy of women. But there’s two problems I have with the foot fetish.

First of all, it’s just nasty. I mean, it’s a foot. Anyone who’s ever been laid will tell you that there are plenty of areas to explore and have fun with. Never have I heard of a foot. Sure, you can give a foot massage, but that’s usually the gateway to getting laid. Some people are into sucking toes – but not me. I have no appetite for peanut butter and toe jam. Just something about the feet that makes me wonder what gets people off so much.

The you have my second reason – having someone standing on your face. Um, isn’t that a bit on the painful side? How is that a turn on? And I’m sure I speak for most men when I say that if I wanted a women to walk all over me, I’d just get married.

Long story short – there are stories that say that Tony’s foot fetish was part of the downfall of his career. There’s even a story which I believe has been confirmed by Tony himself where he was scheduled to win the WWF Intercontinental title, but was no where to be found because he was shacked up with some chick and her stinky feet. I guess there are just some thing you can’t explain.

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Tony Atlas’ Freaky Foot Fetish

Now before you think I’m going on a Tony Atlas bash today, let me just say that I have a great deal of respect for him. He’s a genuine and humble individual who fell on tremendously hard times as an individual who couldn’t handle the speed at which he was hit with fame. I get it and sympathize with it. But here’s the flip side of the coin….

What if one day, Tony got in the ring with an opponent who went into business for himself. They no sold all his moves, they stole his heat and comebacks, and pretty much did what was best for them in a moment that allowed them both to shine. I’m sure Tony would be pretty pissed off about the situation. Here he is, a professional wrestler, going into the ring to work with his partner for the moment and rather than putting together a product that would benefit them both, his opponent gives him enough to get by and takes the liberties of making the moment all about him and whatever he had on his mind. Sound unprofessional?….Thank you!

So I ran into Tony and did hm the solid of shooting some video of women walking all over his face. I later asked, “Hey Tony, you mind if we shoot a short interview with you? It might be good to push your book and let the people know what you’ve been up to since being released by the WWE”. Tony thought it was a great idea. But great for who?

So I take some time to do MY JOB and write up some well thought out questions that I thought my DieHard Wrestling fans would like to hear answers to. Once the camera starts rolling – Tony went into business for himself and did nothing but push his book. Now I’m kool and the gang with him getting a cheap plug – but when I ask you a question, every answer can’t be “Buy my book….Inside my book… on page 3,076 of my book….my book, my book, my book”.

You can imagine how pissed I must have been when I watched the footage in my editing room. I thought to myself, “What the f*ck am I supposed to do with this?”. Then it hit me – do what Tony did! Go into business for YOURSELF!

So this video is a result of me trying to do my job as a broadcast journalist, Tony going into business for himself and me cashing in my receipt in the editing room. Don;t forget to LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT.

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MMA Expo Red Carpet Affair in Atlantic City

Have you ever heard of a fan convention that has it’s own red carpet???…Neither have I, but ironically I attended one back in October for an MMA Expo in Atlantic City.

Let me paint a picture for you: The promoter is some money mark who spent over 90K just so he can hang out with a bunch of wrestlers, MMA fighters and kung fu experts. He basically looks like Ox Baker’s retarded son. This guy will lead you to believe that he’s the next Dana White, but that’s about as true as believing that Charlie Sheen is sober.

So when I get to the event, I hear that there is going to be a “red carpet affair”. Now I’m not sure if they mean a legit red carpet like they do for Hollywood premieres, or if this had something to do with seeing April Hunter take off her panties. Either way, I was curious enough to leave the bar for an hour, load up the camera and score some behind the scenes footage.

Low and behold, the time comes and sure enough there was a red carpet….No, not April’s. I mean a Hollywood style gala event with, well – not real media, but some people and fans with cameras…me included.

The kicker is that most of the talent booked on the convention was there and they were dressed to the nines. You would have actually thought they were going to the Oscars. All the of the female talents were fashionably dressed in designer outfits, and had their hair and make up done like they were stars of the silver screen. The men wore their best suits and tried looking somewhat normal than their professional barbaric personas. They were interviewed by some little hottie holding a microphone and whose head was filled with more air than a blow up mattress. But the funniest moment must have been when it was all done, and everyone on the red carpet wondered to themselves – “What the f*ck are we supposed to do now?”

See the convention was the next two days. There was only some lousy Muay Thai fight exhibition on the red carpet night. The real action was on the following days. So that basically left all the talent walking around the Taj Mahal like they just came from an Elvis Chapel Wedding or leaving the women looking like high priced escorts. I guess it proved at that moment, if you have money to burn then you too can try making yourself look important by paying celebrities to hang around you.

Hey – atleast I got some footage!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Interview with Mercedes Martinez

Mercedes Martinez is without a doubt, the most dominant female wrestler on the indy circuit today. We have a chance to speak with the Latina Sensation to discuss her career, her experiences, her influences and thoughts on the state of the industry and the female workers who continue to fight hard for equality in the male dominant pro wrestling business.

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Interview with Portia Perez

She may seem small, but Portia Perez is as tough as they come. The technically sound Canadian “ninja” discusses her career, her inspirations and her experiences in the wrestling business – with a wise-cracking attitude that’s sharper than a ninja’s blade.

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Interview with Roxie Cotton

Just when you thought that the wrestling business was overcrowded with “divas” and “knockouts” who spent more money on their boob jobs than they did on actual wrestling school, comes and old school throw back to the 80′s in Roxie Cotton.

This northeast valley girl airhead (yeah – I know there aren’t any valleys in the northeast) comes in full 80′s gimmick with a deafening high-pitched voice and florescent ring attire. But she’s also equipped with a strong determination and passion for the business…and a great all natural rack!

DieHard Wrestling talks to Roxie about her career, her experiences, the state of female wrestling and much more.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fuergo-Chapter 2

Fuergo-Chapter 1

Whatever happened to the squash match?

On Saturday mornings I use to watch the superstars of the day take on random "job guys". The moment you saw someone like Yokozuna take on Random Wrestler of the Week, you knew who was gonna win the match. There is nothing wrong with being a jobber. The matches are short and the work is plentiful. Even the fan favorites made quick work of these journeymen. The squash match is a lost art, and it does the following.

1. Build up steam for the face and the heel, who will eventually meet up at house shows, or PPV's
2. Establishes each of the guys' finishing moves

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Al Snow's Dirty Ass Promo

No one ever said that working in the pro wrestling business was easy. Regardless of what your role is in the business, you have to deal with a lot of shit. You get it from the wrestlers, the promoters, the agents, and most of all - the fans. No one is ever satisfied with your work or efforts, and at the end of the day your 'thank you' comes in the form of a big steamy turd. Just when you think you have the right formula to entertain the masses, someone is always there ready to drop a deuce all over it.

On the flip side of the coin, I shouldn't be pointing stinky fingers because I have also been critical of the current product. Then again, I'm not the one with a multi-million dollar empire and staff full of veterans who should know better and be capable of wiping their own ass. Week after week, wrestling programming leaves a foul stench and mental skid-marks in what use to be man's favorite soap opera and pseudo sport. Now I just wait for the punchlines and fantasize that I'll see a cameo from Triumph The Insult Comic Dog who will look into the camera and say, "This is a GREAT wrestling product...for me to poop on!"

I'm sure you're wondering what's with the verbal diarrhea of the mouth? Why take a dump on an industry that you've been involved with since 1992? Why am I ready to flush the pro wrestling business like the drizzling shits? The answer is simple... It is what it is. But in this instance, it's just one of those moments where the figurative sense turns into the literal sense. Allow me to set the stage for you.

I'm working a mega-convention in New York being run by a rookie money mark promoter. The event itself is an unorganized disaster and one that will go down in the books as an epic failure. I'm interviewing most of the talent for a yet-to-be-released DVD. Next up on the slate is former WWE superstar, Al Snow.

The place is packed and the only spot quiet enough to shoot the video interview is in a small office the size of a jail cell. Four grown adults cramped into this little room with no air conditioning in the middle of summer. Not the ideal set up, but when you're on a run and gun mission, you'll take what you can get. Fortunately, the interview came off without a hitch. Al shot with us for over 20 minutes and gave some real insight into the psychology of the business and the flaws that are deteriorating it. There was even a brief cameo by Shelly Martinez and Mick Foley.

For the purpose of my in-house branding, I always get the talent to do a quick promo bumper for me. A bumper is basically a short piece infront of or right after the content where the talent looks into the camera and says, "Hi, I'm BLAH BLAH BLAH, and you're watching DieHard Wrestling!". Those bumpers are nice little branding interstitial that helps build credibility for your product. Now before I go any further, let me first warn you that we had lunch with Al Snow a couple of hours prior to the interview. Nothing fancy. Think of it as a cheap ghetto date as we shared a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

When the interview was over, we were quickly prepping to shoot the bumpers when one of the guys on my crew (Toddy D) had to take a personal phone call. He left the small office space for a little privacy, but when he came back....let's just say he was welcomed with a little gift courtesy of Mr. Snow.

Without going into anymore detail, I'll let you experience it for yourself. Fortunately, you won't be able to get the full "scratch and sniff" effect - but I'm sure you have plenty of personal experiences in your own memory bank that you can use to understand our dilemma.

Check out this never before seen exclusive blooper outtake!!!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Pipe Bomb Went Off Again...

Before I begin I want to send a "shout out" to Die Hard Pro Wrestling.
Thanks for the nice piece, I can only strive to get better after reading
your post.

Here we go.

Last night CM Punk proved once again that he is the voice of the voiceless.
John Cena proved that he is the perfect foil for CM Punk. For the first
time in a long time a "contract signing" felt real. CM Punk was like a semi
automatic last night. The verbal bullets were being fired so fast, by the time
we (fans) knew what was being said, we were hit with brutal honesty.

The fact that he brought up the firings of Harry Smith, Vladamir Kozloff,
and Chris Masters was another "shoot" comment that came out of left field,
but that was NOT the focus of the segment. Punk reeled us in and got
us to think about the match coming up.

What worries me, and the 10% of the die hard's that don't matter in the eyes
of the WWE, is HHH as special guest ref. Who is HHH going to be impartial to?
The fans? I really hope that HHH calls it right down the middle, I hope he doesn't
grab a chair from John Cena and crack CM Punk on the noggin by 'accident'. Just like
Shawn Micheal's did to Bret Hart.

HHH, prove me wrong.
Let these two fight,
Let one man win.

Johnny "Funkhauser" Ace, if you even think about pulling a surfboard out of thin air to
use against Punk or Cena, I hope you miss and it bounces off the ropes and hits you in the face.

"Luck is for losers, and I would rather be a one hit wonder than a phony."
I don't want Punk to be a one hit wonder.
That's the mark in me talking. Not the 10%  IWC wanna be blogger, but the wrestling fan.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Bret “Hitman” Hart – The 1998 Tribute Videos and Pre-Screwjob Story

Did I ever tell you the story about my involvement in the infamous Montreal Screwjob? Ok, before you get your panties in a bunch, let me first clarify that I wasn't directly involved in the screwjob. I wasn't even associated with it. Truth be told, I just happened to be "around" it. Not as a "worker" or decision maker, but as a broadcast journalist.

See, for those who don't know - this is where I get put myself over for a minute - I had the FIRST EVER pro wrestling radio talk show (later turned TV show) on the internet. At the time, there weren't too many people who understood the concept of what the internet was, and even fewer owned computers in their own home. In 1997, I signed on with the first ever streaming broadcast company in New York and brought my creations to the air for a global audience. The name of the show was, "...And Justice For Brawl", and because of my ties in the wrestling business, the show shot off like a stud in the last minute of a porno - but without the sticky mess, of course.

Because the show was still in its infancy and I was still working on strategic marketing and building a fan base, I didn't want to start booking big names just yet and blow my load too early - there we go again with the adult references. You may be too young to remember, but internet porn was TERRIBLE back in the 90s. It was basically websites for photographers that took 3-hours to download one picture with a dial-up modem. Oh, how we've come so far since those days.... I mean in terms of progress. Not in the trajectory or distance you can...nevermind. Back to the screwjob....Here we go again! Get your minds back to pro wrestling!

Long story short, I decided to give Bret Hart a call at the end of October to see if he'd be interested in doing a rare interview. As the true professional he is, was and always will be - Bret obliged. The "Hitman" was one of my all-time favorites and getting the rare opportunity to interview him gave me the jitters. I wanted to do some prep work and ask questions that he had never been asked. What also made the opportunity so rare was that Bret was the reigning WWE champion at the time and during an era where the title was much more valued than it is today. Scoring an interview with the WWE's title holder was unheard of at the time. So Bret and I agreed to wait a few weeks to do the live interview. It would give me enough time to promote the appearance, and I could tie it into a Survivor Series promotion if the WWE office gave any resistance in having their heavyweight champion doing an interview leading into one of the most anticipated events in history.

The Monday Night Wars were in the heat of battle. The WWE's attitude era had just started picking up some steam with the formation of Degeneration-X, led by Shawn Michaels. The white hot heated history between Bret and Shawn had already been exposed to the public and was being used in the storylines. Bret blasted Shawn for what his character had become and what it was doing to the industry. The "Hitman" questioned The Heartbreak Kid's lifestyle and choice of attire. He ridiculed Shawn's ring outfits, perhaps because they weren't designed by a Bryant Park fixture like Hank Shalom of Soho Fashion.

My heart raced like fat man running to an alton brown ribs all-you-can-eat buffet! I knew that with the interview scheduled, it was my responsibility to address the rumors. My fear was that Bret might have been gag-ordered to keep quiet until after the pay per view. Perhaps by discussing his decision live on the air, fans would lose interest in the event if they could figure out the result based on Bret's decision to stay with the company or not.

So I called Bret, and explained to him my concerns about doing the interview and how he'd like to approach it. I even offered to postpone the interview until everything was finalized and he could openly speak about the rumors and his decision. Bret calmly said, "I don't have anything to hide. You can ask me anything you want and I will tell you as much as I can. Don't hold anything back."

Not only was I relived after hearing Bret giving me the green light, but I also realized the pressure I was under. I was the ONLY journalist on the planet who could publicly discuss the rumor of Bret Hart leaving the WWE with the man himself. The show was booked for Tuesday, November 4th. The Survivor Series was set for Sunday, November 9th. Bret hadn't addressed any of the rumors and decided to wait to make his first statement on my show. Not only were the wrestling fans eager to hear the broadcast, but I'm sure the WWE offices were listening too.

On that Tuesday, Bret made his scheduled appearance on my show. The draw and out-pour of the fans crashed our broadcast servers several times. And when the time came for me to ask, "...Bret, are you going to WCW?...", I literally felt the world stop moving for a moment. Bret gave his explanation and discussed his feelings, and without giving a final or definitive answer, he concluded in saying that at that very moment, his decision was "strongly leaning towards going to WCW".

Yeah, some of you may be saying - "Big fucking deal!". Well, at the time it was. It was a big deal for Bret Hart, for the WWE, for WCW and for the industry as a whole. It was a move many thought was even bigger than when Hulk Hogan signed with WCW. Afterall, here is your current heavyweight champion publicly stating that he is going to work for the competition. But for me, it was the real launch of my career. I may not have been the guy who broke the story, but I was the guy who got the answer to confirm the rumor. What made it more magical is that it wasn't a "hear-say" story. I had the power to put the champion under the interrogation light to ask the question and get the answer that the world wanted to hear. It was my Edward R. Murrow moment.

So I guess Vince McMahon and the WWE locker room was listening too. Between my show on Tuesday and Sunday's PPV event, Bret got screwed out of the title on live television, punched Vince in the eye and hastily departed the WWE to join its arch enemy.

Almost two months later, it was finally announced on WCW television that Bret Hart would be joining the company leading into their Starcade event. Ironically enough, the WCW office was listening to my show as well and I surprisingly got a call where I was offered a contract to work for WCW as a broadcaster on their soon-to-launch internet programming and as the Tuesday voice on the n.W.o. hotline. I was flown down to Washington D.C. to sign my contract at the Starcade PPV, the same night Bret debuted for the company. Not only did I start with Bret on the same day, but we were stranded together at the airport during a nasty blizzard that had our flights delayed for hours. When we talked about the irony of the interview and how it ended up with us both working for WCW, Bret said, "Things have a really weird way of working out and it's only proof that your destiny is already chosen".

I never thought I'd have the chance to be on an open forum with one of my childhood heroes. I never thought I'd be in the center of the news with the exclusive scoop on a breaking story. And I never thought that based on those events, I'd be working with Bret Hart in WCW. And that was just the beginning.

A year later, Bret's fascinating documentary "Wrestling with Shadows" was set to debut. A few months before the public got to see it, Bret contacted me to do a follow up interview and promotion. Although our interview wasn't featured in the documentary, I felt it had its own place in part of that history. Bret felt the same way and it was one of the reasons he sought me out. Unfortunately, Bret's run in WCW had been botched, and by the time the movie was ready to debut - he had already regretted making the decision. It was at that point that I reiterated his own words, "Things have a really weird way of working out and it's only proof that your destiny is already chosen".

Hearing the sentiment in Bret's voice, I wanted to do something on the show that expressed the appreciation that the fans wanted to share with him. I took it to task and edited my first ever videos. Don't be too harsh on me, this was before Final Cut Pro!

The videos are two tributes to a legend, Bret Hart. And some of the footage used was from the screener copy that Bret had sent me himself. So if you're a fan of the "Hitman", I not only ask you to enjoy the video, but to share it so that fans will remember and honor the legacy of the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.

Bret Hart Tribute Video 1 - Song: Measure of a Man - Performed by Elton John

Bret Hart Tribute Video 2 - Song: Untouchable Themes - Performed by Ennio Morricone

Friday, August 5, 2011

Interview with Female MMA Fighter, Kim Couture

It's not everyday that you get to hang out with a smokin' hot fitness model who can probably kick your ass. In this case, she could tie me up and beat the ever lovin' shit out of me just so I can say Kim Couture was all over me like white on rice.

Anyway - enough of my barbaric fantasies and let's get back into the wrestling news. I had the chance to interview Kimmie before her October 2010 fight with Munah Holland - a fight that Kim unfortunately lost. But rather than attack her with question after question about her workout and fight regimens - we decided to take a more laid back approach and discuss some of the things that are going on in her life and career.

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Interview with Former American Gladiator - Beth "Venom" Horn

Not only did I get a chance to hang with the ripped and ravenous Fury - but I also got to chill out with the tall, lean and sensual Beth "Venom" Horn. When you look at the show and peep out her promo pics, she looks like the type of chick that will lay you out with dropkick to the jugular and then put you to sleep with an illegal LAPD choke hold. But when you actually get the chance to sit down and talk with this bodacious blonde bombshell, you realize that she's just the type of girl who wants to cuddle up with you and make it a Blockbuster night. He electric smile is so deceiving that I never once thought that she'd have the ability to twist my head off my neck like a bottle cap. Either way - enjoy this video as we get to know Venom a little better.

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Interview with Former American Gladiator - Jamie "Fury" Kovac

Had a chance to meet and hang out with former American Gladiator, Jamie "Fury" Kovac. This chick is ripped and a natural born ass-kicker! Guess that's why she had to marry a pro hockey player - to either keep her in line or atleast give her some kind of challenge. Jamie is a local New Jersey girl, and we've been talking about shooting some more videos in the near future. Videos will probably be of her working out and showing of her freakish strength and athletic ability. For now, check out this video and get to know her a little better!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011


So much for the 5 week hiatus.
I cannot stay away.
I encourage all wrestling fans to go to

More to come.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

7/17 Punk's Final Match-Booking The Chicago Screwjob

1. In the weeks leading up to 7/17 brass from WWE will pull Punk
to the side and ask him to do the right thing. Road agents will talk to
Punk and he will ignore them.

2. A week before the match on Raw-Vince McMahon will make
one FINAL plea  to Punk and warn him: "I screwed someone else once
I can do it again."

3. Cue Bret Hart's music-Bret comes down and offers his "services" as
a special guest ref, to prevent this from happening again.

4. 7/17 after a back and fourth encounter with many near falls, and the crowd
booing him out of the bldg. John Cena hits an attitude adj, and then
puts Punk in the "Kokina Clutch"
HHH has made his way down to the ring moments before to tell Bret to "get it done!"

The rest is history......
I really don't want to see it go down like this, but what choice does the WWE have?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Remember This Name-Horrible Championship Wrestling

Yes ladies and germs, there is/was a wrestling fed out there, that actually calls/called itself HORRIBLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING. I really couldn't resist so once again this lowly blogger asks a few generic powder puff questions. The answers might surprise you, because they sure as hell surprised me.

The Questions:
1. Ok give me a litte HCW history/tell me about the fed.
2. Why choose the name you chose?
3. Backyarders usually get a bad rap-still getting that?
4. Goals? Dreams? Nightmares?
5. Are you too old to like wrestling?
6. Fave movies? Music? Books? TV Shows?
7. How much does pop culture playi on your presentation?
8. Somene wants to do a "spot" that is so out there, and so dangerous-do you try to talk them out of it?
9. Where can people see your "shows"
10. Got anything you want to plug? (besides an appliance)

The Answers
Keep in mind that this is a comedy fueled fed so our answers may come across as sarcasm, but gold none the less.

1. In 2000 3 young warriors set out to capture a dream. Dumb enough to take 200 tires off the hands of several local service stations begging to get rid of the mosquito-disease ridden piles acumulating behind their garages, they built the HCW ring and set out to deliver their first offering Boozapalooza. Many years later, after hearing that a local venue had already claimed dibs on the name they renamed the event Boozapaloozatwoza.

The following year came yet another event of the same name and delivered a bit more action, but at the same price as a quarter and a day old coffee. Even more laughable than the previous year's show and introduced a NEW ring official, replacing last years referee "Officer Down" with new comer "U.R.G" The show also featured new wrestlers such as "Sledgehammer", "Grunt Minion" and "The Bard".

That year showcased a feud between "The Chosen One, Positively, Above Average Cactus Kelly Candido Mamaluke" and "Ed DeGarmo" that would stem from their match at Boozapaloozatwoza that took the company to new heights featuring Coal Miner's Glove Matches, Ladder Matches and even a few Empty Arena Matches or as many of you now call them TNA Asylum matches

In HCW's 3rd year, the company relocated their events and had a new ring that was said to be stiffer than a three peckered billy goat. Only a few matches were to take place in this ring and eventually the company closed it's doors. Now with all of this never before  released footage resurfacing on the internet, talks that a reunion show is in the works circulate... one can only hope not...

2.The name began as "Hardcore Championship Wrestling", but lets face it, our product is to hardcore as Maven was to pro wrestling... just didn't fit the bill, so we went to Heavyweight Championship Wrestling"... with only about two actual heavyweights wrestlers and Zach Storm in the company, we didn't think that would work well with an audience either... so we took our show at face value... "HORRIBLE Championship Wrestling"!

3. Of course they are... and rightfully so This might infact be the dumbest thing any of us ever did! We sucked! We know that now, so this might come across as hypocritical but without proper wrestling training all your doing is hurting yourself and creating physical and in our case psychological damage to yourself and those around you.

4. Goals... To see HCW Action go viral on the internet

Dreams... To see HCW Action go viral on the internet

Nightmares... To see HCW Action go viral on the internet

5. The only thing that has come with age for us is the change in the business, we can all still put on old tapes of WCW, WWE/F or ECW and mark out like there's no tomorrow, but what we see on television today is simply the shits. Just not worth our time anymore other than once a year when you hope there's a good Wrestlemania or a surprise for those of us who wanna see John Cena get hit by a train.

6. I can sum all of this up in one word... Wrestling

7. It plays a HUGE role, that's one of many demographics which needs to be targeted in order to sell our product. You need to be able to not reach just one particular demographic of your audience but to reach out to everyone. That's the art of it all, to find that happy medium and be able to speak to people on a global wide scale.

8. That all depends, being close growing up, we all knew each other's strengths and weaknesses. Whenever either of us tried to go outside of those boundaries someone would generally speak up and discuss the matter, but we also respected each others judgement which was REALLY f*cking stupid!!! I mean did you see these guys in that make-shift ring made of tires, logs, chainlink fence and a wide array of furniture cushions???

9. You can see our shows at
or follow or links on our facebook page @
HCW Horriblechampionshipwrestling

10. Official site of Comedian and HCW color commentator Zach Levin.

A thousand thanks to the HCW staff for doing this
A thousand pardons to the HCW staff for disturbing their Saturday shenanigans, in order for them to do this.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Interview with AWE's Marvin Ward

Who-Marvin Ward promoter of Awesome Wrestling Entertainment.
What-Answers this lowly blogger's generic questions.

Pro Wrestling is alive and well you just have to look for it. In fact if you look through the posts, I have already written a little bit about the war of words b/ween Marvin Ward and Ricky Morton. This article is not going to focus on that. Marvin was nice enough to answer a few questions so here goes. I have a couple of other one's that I may do as a follow up.

Q: When did you start watching wrestling?
A: 1983

Q: When did you go to your first wrestling show?
A: 1989

Q: Favorite Promotion
A: Jim Crockett Promotions

Q: Favorite Wrestler
A: Dusty Rhodes

Q: Even though you got my attention with your war of words
w/ Ricky Morton, have you ever been the victim of a "double booking" by anyone else?
A: Yes


Q:When you decided that you were gonna open up your own fed, and do your own thing, did you have any"detractors" that said you were gonna go broke/fall flat on your face...ect, ect?
A: YES and they still say that! But I will prove them wrong! Our business is not dead, its just dormant at the moment.

Q: Can you give the uninitiated a play by play of a typical day as a
promoter, or booker?
A: From the time the sun comes up thru 1 or 2 am, you are always doing something. From booking talent, setting up venues, calling advertisers, do promotional work on the road, handling the internet marketing, sponsorship endorsements, ect. There is something going on everyday. We, as in 4 of us, do the job that TNA and WWE have 100 people or more doing. So we do not get much sleep.

Q: What is your opinion of wrestlers or promoters who call their fans "marks". Or treat their fan base like they are doing THEM a favour by having a show/shows to begin with?
A: I think its pathetic. We are all marks for wrestling or we wouldn't be doing it. Fans are just as important at the wrestlers or promoters because if it wasn't  for fans we couldn't do this. The only difference between the two is fans want to be entertained and its our job to deliver the best product for their entertainment.

Q: You described AWE as "New school production values meets Old school mentality" please elaborate.
A: We give fans the look of the new school as far as the big lights, staging, ect as they are used to on RAW, but the difference is the product. We go back 20 years and give fans the old school storylines and in ring work.

Q: With so many feds popping up, what does an organization have to do to succeed in a DEAD market or a THRIVING one?
A: Marketing, promotions, and giving fans actual wrestling, big names, and excitement. This biggest key is advertising. If fans know u are there and they have plenty of time to prepare their finances, they will come. I tell people its like this. If Jesus Christ was going to be at the Baptist church on Sunday morning, and u didnt tell anyone, who would come. But if you told the world, everyone would come.

Q: Any thing you want to plug?

Thanks to Marvin Ward for taking the time to do this.
Visit AWE's website for their events, and go to the shows.

Hopefully by the time October rolls around this "business" with the Rock and Roll Express can be settled. People of VA, you have your own homegrown fed, support it!

The AWE War of Words Continues: Ward vs. Morton

Done reading? Good

The above video, is a great summary of what is going on. We've had promoter vs. wrestler situations before. Montreal Screwjob, Austin vs. McMahon, but this is different. It shines a light of what promoters go through just to book a show. They take the risks, and the term "double booking" is common amongst the indies. This is really turning out to be a very compelling situation. Stay tuned.

AWE Wrestling Website

The Transitional Champion-The Transitional Programming


After reading the latest blog by Eric, I got to thinking.
What if b/ween May-Sep (the traditional summer rerun months) WWE did something to really shake things up. Give a guy or gal a WWE/World Championship run, that they normally wouldn't give a run to.

Better yet, why not feature talents from FCW on Raw or Smackdown or even NXT or Superstars

Seriously look at the talent they have that is either in FCW or in the mid card.  Tell me you guys or gals wouldn't want to see a fresh match b/ween Daniel Bryan vs. Dean Ambrose. Not even to fight for the championship, but to spotlight the up and commers.

Only in the summer time though.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Could The "Wrestling Revolution" be closer than we think?

That is what Jeff Katz is hoping for
As long as they give fans great in ring action, and want to work with people who are not rehashing angles and ideas from a decade and a half ago, this might have a chance. The idea of asking fans to contribute $1 to meet a $100K goal is unique as well. Hopefully it won't be so heavily scripted, and the "wrestlers" won't be "interchangeable"

Fantasy Booking-Re-book the original nWo angle in the WWF

Go Here To Read The Post

I had asked Kayfabe Commentaries this question on their FACEBOOK page.
I also asked members of the same question.

Read and comment.

Mick Foley Quits TNA Wrestling-Kneejerk Reaction

Eric Gargiulo's Blog Post-Read This First

If this is true, then I am not surprised. Other than rehash, TNA has nothing to offer, they can "re-brand" all they want, their time is past. They are not relevant, or fresh. They don't capture my attention what so ever. This is not a knock on the workers of TNA. This is a knock on the "brain trusts" of TNA. Losing a creative mind like Mick Foley is unjustifiable.

Of course if this is all part of an elaborate scheme (I hate the term "work") to draw attention, then this is how I (the frustrated booker) would book it. Have the talents that subscribe to Mick's "Pro Wrestling First" approach turn in their resignations and join Foley as they take over the 2nd hour of  "Impact". Hogan and crew can have the first hour.

If Foley is indeed gone, I implore him to consider his options and give the new ROH a try as their commissioner, maybe there he can put his talents to good use. Wrestling matters to ROH so it may be a good fit.

Foley's WWE legacy is not tarnished either-he can go back to the E as a manager, not as a commentator. I wouldn't mind seeing him as a "mentor" to WWE talent than needs seasoning.

If he wants to do the commentating gig again, he can be put to good use by commentating on FCW.

Friday, June 3, 2011

This is pro wrestling-ENJOY IT!

This is pro wrestling...stop trying to figure everything out...sit back and relax and watch this unfold: Rob Feinstein 
The above is regarding a war of words b/ween Ricky Morton of the R&R Express and AWE founder Marvin Ward. I'm not gonna recap the situation, because if I tried I would probably get it wrong. Go to Rob's page to see for yourselves. All the videos are there, and its in chronological order.
What gets me is that some of the replies of "oh its a work", or "sounds like a Memphis promo". I am paraphrasing here.  First off so what if it is, this has gotten my attention. One guy has a beef with someone, they take to firing cheap shots, they go way out of line, then they set up a confrontation. Hopefully enough people know about it, and they have a good event. People come out to see it, everyone benefits.
I have given up on trying to figure out people's motives, you want wrestling as sport, there are PLENTY of promotions out there that offer that. You want to be entertained, there are plenty that offer that too.  You want a shoot-well if you think you're gonna get one, you're fooling yourself. The promoters (good one's) know their audience, and they know how to get them to react. I am not interested in 23rd hand rumors, that are taken as gospel and reported as fact. I just want to see what I paid to see. Exposing the business of wrestling, may have given it more of a reality based edge, but if we don't allow ourselves to "suspend belief" what's the point?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Is There Anybody Out There?

There are NO promotions w/in the Greater Hartford area.
If I want to go see a show I have to travel as far as Danbury, CT
I'm probably gonna end up going OUTSIDE of this state to see some good wrestling.
This should not be happening.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kharma's Exit Speech-WTF?

Inspired By This
Ironically, she used an old story about Jim Ross to turn herself babyface and kill a lot of goodwill Jim Ross has created with the WWE Universe for almost two decades.

I saw the same "promo" that you all did. For someone who came in with as much force and momentum as Kharma did, the exit speech left me wondering. Why pull the rug out from under her? I am gonna have a hard time suspending belief and seeing her as a  MONSTER HEEL. Unless of course this leads to something else, which I doubt. Also the Bella Twins should be ashamed of themselves for their tasteless comments.

I did not tweet my disdain for Jim Ross, because I don't have any. The guy has been in the business longer than I have been alive. He knows what makes or breaks a wrestler......scuze me WWE Superstar..

Thomas Holzerman Someone who's going out for a year doesn't need momentum.....You relaunch her in a year by having her destroy the Bella Twins. Simple. Effective.

The only way that this can happen logically is if they (WWE) keep tabs on Kharma. and if the Bella Twins continue their tasteless comments towards her, or if  some of the divas join the "make fun of Kharma" bandwagon.  Every month have the comments get worse and worse. Kharma can't touch those two skanks because of her high risk pregnancy. Hell even celebrate the birth of the baby, by having Superstars congratulate her, have Vince and JR send bouquets of flowers to the hospital. That way JR isn't seen as a jerk. The final straw is to have the Bella Twins send a bouquet too. Only with negative comments on the card. Kharma sees that, and its the last straw, she doesn't even repeat the comments beacuse they are THAT hurtful. She basically has another meltdown and turns into her old DIVA beating self!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Aftermath of "Style Battle" my first EVOLVE critcism. (sort of)

I have been supporting EVOLVE in my blog since its inception. I gotta say that its cards were getting better and better with each show. Style Battle was a great concept. I just don't like the outcome.
If you're gonna make a big deal, about a guy not being in the tourney, and then have a voting campaign to get him in, at least get him to the finals against AR Fox since you're promoting the rematch from the last card. If you still want to put AR Fox over have Rich Swann lose (gracefully) in the finals of the match.
Why does this guy keep losing? Chasing that elusive victory, was a great story line, if Fish won the tourney it would of been a shot at redemption for him. (if he hadn't won his match at EVOLVE 6, but then again look who Bobby beat....)
He makes it to the finals and he LOSES, but then again look what he and ARIK CANNON are doing in DGUSA......

There are many reasons as to why things happen the way they do. I'm not inside the EVOLVE offices, I'm just a fan, hopefully things will be explained and elaborated upon on the next card.

Ring Of Honor Sold To Sinclair Broadcasting


Ring of Honor has been sold to Sinclair Broadcasting.
You can read about it up above.

Kind of a bummer that there will be NO CT stations but fear not Ring of Honor will make its show available on its website

The more places for people to make a living in the better it is for everyone, plus the other 2 US companies are gonna have to up their game with more competition. Its a win for the fans, and a win for the performers.

The show is expected to air on the following stations:

WTTA Ch. 38 in Tampa
WUCW Ch. 23 in Minneapolis
WPMY Ch. 22 in Pittsburgh
WNUV Ch. 54 in Baltimore
either WLFL or WRDC in Raleigh
Either WUXP or WNAB in Nashville
WSTR Ch.64 in Cincinnati
Either WCGV or WVTV in Milwaukee
WMYA Ch. 40 in Asheville/Greenville/Spartanburg
KMYS Ch. 35 in San Antonio
Either WTTO, WABM or WDBB in Birmingham
WTVZ Ch. 33 in Norfolk
Either KVMY or KVCW in Las Vegas
KOCB Ch. 34 in Oklahoma City
WMYV Ch. 48 in Greensboro
WNYO Ch. 49 in Buffalo
WFGX Ch. 35 in Mobile
WDKA Ch. 49 in Cape Girardeau
WNYS Ch. 43 in Syracuse, NY
WMMP Ch. 36 in Charleston, SC

Hopefully Sinclair can pick up more affiliates and more steam with time.


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